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Ismael Khalid
Ismael Khalid
Gender: Male
Species: Nietzschean
Date of Birth: Unknown
Pre Long Night
Date of Death: Unknown
Long Night
Profession: Officer
Ship Posting: Starry Wisdom
Rank: Commander
Status: Dead
Played By: Eli Gabay


Ismael Khalid is a loyalist Nietzschean to the Systems Commonwealth and an old friend of Dylan Hunt.

During a Magog raid on a research station, Ismael and Dylan Hunt were busy fighting a group of Magog all the way to Sara Riley's lab. Ismael was wrestling with a Magog but accidentally slipped. He would have been killed had not Sara shot the Magog in a back. Dylan in turn saved her by killing another Magog charging at her. Ismael thanked Sara for saving him.

Years later, during the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War, Ismael remained loyal to the Commonwealth, regarding it as necessary for his peoples' survival. He regarded Nietzscheans who rebelled against the Commonwealth as traitors who had betrayed the ideals of Paul Museveni. One year into the war, at Sara's request, Ismael brought his ship, the Starry Wisdom, to the black hole at Hephaestus, where Dylan's ship, the Andromeda Ascendant, was trapped on the event horizon of a black hole, with the hope that they could retrieve the Andromeda from the event horizon. By accident, they made contact with Dylan three centuries in the future due to a fluke involving the Perseids' experiments with the black hole. In the process, Dylan spoke to Ismael via hologram, asking him to take Sarah to the Than homeworld based on historical records stating that the Thans would come through the war fairly intact. However, attempts to change the future by retrieving Andromeda or sending Sarah to the future failed, and Ismael, who had been wounded when the ship was attacked by a Garuda class fighter, promised Dylan that he would protect Sara. He presumably joined her when she gathered the Commonwealth remnants into founding Tarazed. ("The Banks of the Lethe")


  • "Call me Ishmael." is the opening line of Herman Melville's classic novel "Moby-Dick", and one of the most famous starts to a novel in English literature. Khalid is a popular Arabic male name, sometimes a surname. Among its most famous bearers is the companion of the Prophet Muhammad, Khalid ibn al-Walid, whose name literally means "Immortal son of the Newborn".


Khalid: Activating the pods will be like sending up a flare. So before we deploy them, we need to make sure there are no hostiles in the system.

Sara: You know, it's been a year. You'd think I could wait patiently for another few hours.

Khalid: Dylan and I, we shed blood together, so if we can retrieve him, I'm for it. But we can't afford mistakes.

Sara: I know. It's just, I can't explain it, but I feel him out there, just, just beyond my reach. It's driving me crazy.

Khalid: I know the feeling. If we can reach them, it's worth everything. The waiting, the risks.


Marquez, Khalid and Sara Riley