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Ione (As Sun God)
Alias: Moon of Tarn-Vedra
Gender: Genderless (Appears male)
Species: Moon Avatar
Status: Alive
Played By: Warren Christie


Ione is the avatar of one of Tarn-Vedra's moons. On Seefra-2, Ione was a performer who played the part of the Sun God, under ringmaster Geryon. He meets Trance Gemini after one show, both igniting each other's memories. Geryon tried to separate them but they kept meeting in secret. When they kiss, a moon appears in the sky. But Geryon breaks them up — literally after having Trance hauled away and showing him a ring she stole from Dylan Hunt. When Dylan later arrives to talk, Ione attacks him only to be beaten until Dylan is imprisoned. During the next show, Ione soon realizes he is the moon's Avatar and frees Trance and Dylan. Together, they rescue Beka Valentine and Telemachus Rhade from a Vedran training chamber. However, he and Trance can never be together and so Ione tesseracts to another plane. ("Moonlight Becomes You")


  • Ione was a Greek Nereid.