Interstellar Communication is communication between different solar systems as well as communication over larger distances. There have apparently been many methods that have been attempted, over the centuries, to communicate between worlds at faster-than-light speeds, by several dozen species. Some of the more interesting and complicated methods range from inducing forced tachyon beams to a quantum entangled state, to slipstream radio. However, there have been no successful instant or near instant interstellar communication managed yet. The Systems Commonwealth have been trying for many centuries to attain FTL and instant communication, because without it coordinating fleet movements and simple regular communication have been hampered.

Instead, millions of tiny courier ships, each with a single pilot, ply the starlanes for the Commonwealth Courier Network (CCN), relaying messages, news and information to nearly every inhabited point in known space. At regularly scheduled intervals, an information-laden CCN ship flies from one system to another, sends its messages by encoded laser, receives outgoing transmissions, then speeds along to the next stop on its route. The High Guard also maintains its own dedicated courier system, as do several private concerns, but none are a fraction as vast as the CCN.

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