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Indra Xicol
Indra Xicol
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Rank: Unknown
Intelligence officer
Status: Alive, but lost in a slipstream maze
Played By: Emily Holmes


Indra Xicol was an agent working for Tri-Jema who was sent to retrieve the Star Map to the Route of Ages from Dylan Hunt. She posed as a Commonwealth agent of the Triumvirate. Despite the machinations of Dylan, Telemachus Rhade, and Seamus Harper, she easily saw through all their deceptions. Together with Rhade and Dylan, they journeyed to a planet covered by an incalculable Slipstream maze, where he claimed that a few friends of his held a copy of the map. During the mission, Indra and Dylan realized they had feelings for each other though Indra was bothered Dylan didn't trust her. Once the pieces were assembled, she and Dylan had a night together, before she decided to complete her mission and snuck off with the map. She took a slipfighter but took the wrong path to get out. She tried to use the map to find a way out but instead received a message made by Dylan; he tells her that everything was a test for anyone who Tri-Jema sent. He hopes that if she ever gets out, she will be a different person. Indra barely avoided Tri-Jema's ship as it was destroyed, watching in horror as Jema and her Collector rendezvous were killed. Despite Dylan realizing he wasn't over Indra but knowing she was over him, and theorizing he may see her in the future, Indra remained trapped within the maze and was never seen nor heard from again. ("Trusting the Gordian Maze")


  • Indra is a reference to the Vedic deity in Hinduism, the guardian deity in Buddhism, and the king of the highest heaven (Saudharmakalpa) in Jainism.


"I would guess, if I were the guessing sort, that you've already sent someone to retrieve the copy of the star map? The copy that you made. The copy you sent with the fourth courier before entering the Route of Ages yourself?"