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Borotep Yeshgar

Borotep Yesghar, a female Inari


The Inari are a genetically engineered subspecies of humans. They were created for low light levels and harsh volcanic planets. Inari have bony ridges on their temples and foreheads that cover additional nerve feeds to the eyes. Inari are not so genetically modified as to prevent interbreeding with normal stock humans.


When humanity joined the Systems Commonwealth, genetic engineering became commonplace. The Inari were one of the first human derivative cultures. They settled on Inaris and made it their homeworld.

During the Long Night, Inaris managed to avoid many of the problems faced by other worlds in the three galaxies. Unfortunately, the Inari were tricked by a male, purple skinned being into engaging in a civil war. By the war's end, over half of their population was killed and large portions of the surface of Inaris lay devastated. Since Inaris has almost no natural resources to keep their economy running, except elements produced by the volcanic network on their planet, the Inari soon had to rely on a black market trade of ammonium phosphate with the Pyrians. To the methane breathing Pyrians, the ammonium phosphate produced by the Inari was an addictive and fatal drug. However, the Pyrian government caught on and demanded that the Inari cease exporting the substance to Pyrian space. However, corrupt mining guilds that controlled the Inari government rejected their demands and began to silence any opposition to the trade, so the Pyrians attacked any Inari cargo vessel that carried the drug. When the Andromeda Ascendant came to enlist Inaris for a new Commonwealth, an Inari faction that required the drug trade lied to Dylan and claimed that they had no idea why they were being attacked, and asked them to stop the Pyrians from destroying their ships. However, when the Andromeda and her crew discovered the truth, one of the Inari officers was arrested and handed over to the Pyrians.

Meanwhile, a Professor Logitch interrogated Trance Gemini, believing that she was on Inaris to pick up where the other being like she left off; he even tried to develop a means to kill her, to prepare the Inari for defense if beings like her return, but it had no effect. She told him that her predecessor was just bored and she was not like him. ("Pitiless as the Sun")

Inaris signed the Systems Commonwealth charter and became one of its first new members.

Known Inari[]