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In Heaven Now Are Three
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Production #


Original air date

February 25, 2002

Story by

Celeste Chan Wolfe

Written by

Emily Skopov

Directed by

David Warry-Smith

Developed by

Robert Hewitt Wolfe


Sherry Gorval

Executive Producer

Allan Eastman
Majel Roddenberry
Robert Hewitt Wolfe
Josanne B. Lovick
Jay Firestone
Adam Haight
Kevin Sorbo

Production Designer

Richard B. Lewis

Guest stars

Dean Wray as Johann Fletcher
Ingrid Torrance as Duran
Brendan Beiser as Flux
Tricia Young as Shinta
Jesai Jayhmes as Dr. Mino Tabascalli

Preceded by

Dance of the Mayflies

Followed by

The Things We Cannot Change

"The true quarry
of any great adventurer
is the undiscovered territory
of their own soul."
Lady Aenea Makros
"The Metaphysics Of Motion"
CY 6416

"In Heaven Now Are Three" is episode 16 of Season 2.


The Regular Cast of Andromeda Season 2


Beka Valentine is trying to convince Tyr to join her on a mission, without Dylan Hunt. She tells him there is a high profit potential, but she will not tell him exactly what she is looking for. Trance Gemini interrupts and tells Beka that if she takes Tyr with her, Tyr will die. She explains that this is one of the things she came back to fix.

Beka insists that they need three people on the mission, because of "the legend". Seamus Harper and Rommie are off on an expedition of their own, and she thinks that Dylan will take over from her, so Tyr is her only choice. Trance reminds her that they are not the only people looking for "it", so Beka agrees to ask Dylan.

Beka tells Dylan that she is looking for the Engine of Creation, a legendary machine that could rearrange space and time, even raise the dead. She has the map that she acquired from the Hegemon's Heart, that tells her that the Engine is on Shintaido. Dylan does not take her seriously because he thinks the Engine is a myth, but he finally agrees to come along with her anyway.

Beka has records made by Dr. Mino Tabascalli, an archaeologist who was planning a trip to Shintaido to look for the Engine. He was well armed and well prepared, but never came back.

Beka, Dylan, and Trance travel to Shintaido on the Eureka Maru, and land in the jungle. Dylan says that he is letting Beka lead the expedition, but then takes the point-position without thinking. As they are walking, Beka steps on a mine, which she quickly realizes will activate when she steps off. They investigate it, and find that there is no explosive, but the trap will fire darts at her. As she is telling Trance to get something to counterweight it so she can step off, Dylan tackles her off of the spot, and the darts harmlessly hit Dylan's pack.

Trance asks Dylan if he finds it strange to be following, rather than leading. She notes that Dylan relies on rules and structure, while Beka is more intuitive. She says that this makes them a good team.

Beka finds the remains of the archaeologist's expedition - all of the people are decapitated, and their crates (which held their weapons, among other things) are empty. While they are investigating this, three other people arrive; Johann Fletcher (a human male), Duran (a human female), and Flux (a strange-looking blue alien). They immediately grab Trance as a hostage.

Dylan threatens to shoot, saying that Trance has come back from the dead before, but Beka intervenes. She guesses that Fletcher is also looking for the Engine, and the legend says they need three people, so if someone in either group is killed, that group cannot get the Engine. While he is distracted, Trance gets free, and Fletcher and his group run.

That night, Flux sneaks into their camp and steals Dylan's Force lance, but Trance sees him, follows him out of the camp, and confronts him. Flux tells her that he was a manservant whose master was killed by Fletcher, and Fletcher took him. He says that Fletcher and Duran operate based on lies, deceit, and betrayal.

Trance speculates that Fletcher and Duran did not kill the archaeologists, they just used the situation to try to scare them. Flux allows that this is the case. Trance offers a deal, for their mutual safety: Flux will take Fletcher and Duran north, and she will take Dylan and Beka south.

Dylan and Beka have been watching all of this from the bushes.

Trance locates the Shinta temple. Inside, Beka finds the archaeologist's body, decapitated by a self-propelled weapon, like a large shuriken, which is flying around the room. Dylan tries to knock it down with his forcelance, both by shooting it and batting it down, but his forcelance is cut in two. Beka manages to get the door open, and they run through. The shuriken embeds itself in the door behind them.

According to the information she has, Beka believes that the Engine is behind a panel in the wall. She determines that three statues in the room must be turned simultaneously, and, when they do so, a bowl of sand is lowered from the ceiling. The plug in the bottom of the bowl acts as a key for the panel, but when Beka opens it she finds the compartment empty. Sand starts to pour from the hole left in the bowl, into a bowl of liquid below it. The reaction creates cyanide gas, so they rush out the door to find Fletcher, Duran, and Flux, guns drawn, demanding the Engine. While Beka is protesting that they do not have it, they are all interrupted by gun-toting Shinta, a tribal looking people, who take all six of them into custody.

Dylan, Beka, and Trance are being held in a cell, and Beka is upset, because she feels it is her fault, since she was the one in charge. She declares that she prefers being the First Officer, since then the problems are not all her fault.

Shinta guards arrive, and first take Trance away, then take Beka and Dylan to meet with the Shinta leader, as well as Fletcher, Duran, and Flux. Beka and Dylan cannot understand the Shinta leader, but Flux does. Despite Fletcher's insistence that Flux not translate for Dylan and Beka, the Shinta force him to do so.

The Shinta declare that the two parties must undergo the "Contest of Fire and Pain" to see who will receive the Engine. They ask for a volunteer from each side. Beka and Duran volunteer, but Dylan and Fletcher insist on taking their place. Flux is taken away by the Shinta. Beka is upset that Dylan keeps overruling her on "her mission", but Dylan insists that he is only trying to help.

Beka tells Dylan that he has become important to her, and she does not want to be responsible for losing him.

Dylan and Fletcher are taken to an arena. Fletcher is given a sword, Dylan is given a spear, they both are given shields, and they are ordered to fight. Guards are posted at the entrances of the arena with axes. As they fight, Duran is calling for blood, and eventually she jumps into the arena to help Fletcher. Beka follows her, and Beka and Duran fight.

Trance is watching from the seats, and Flux sits down beside her. Trance tells Flux that she was just getting used to Flux's phony accent, and Flux notes (in a different voice) that Trance has changed her look, clearly they have met before. Flux claims that it does not matter who retrieves the Engine, as long as someone does. Trance says that, while it may not matter to "our people", it does matter to the Engine. She claims the Engine will only deliver itself to the right people, and Beka and Dylan are those people.

Dylan is getting the best of Fletcher, and eventually has him at his mercy, but refuses to kill him. Likewise, Beka defeats, but does not kill, Duran. As the Shita drag Fletcher and Duran off, Flux invites Trance to return with him to "our brothers and sisters", saying she should remember whose side she is on. She declines, saying that she never has forgotten. Flux warns her that she cannot defy them forever, but she says that she is going to try.

The Shinta give the Engine, which looks like a large scepter, to Beka, Dylan, and Trance. Trance says that they proved their worthiness by refusing to kill. The Engine is heavy, and takes all three to lift it.

Back on the Maru, they try to analyze the Engine, and make it work, but with little success. Dylan says that the legend he knew said that the Engine was older than the universe itself, and, in fact, it created the universe. The Engine was then discovered by a Vedran archaeologist, who eventually turned it on itself, split it into five pieces, and scattered the pieces.

As they walk away from the Engine, Beka declares that, if nothing else, searching for the Engine made her realize that they make a good team. Unseen, the Engine glows slightly.


Memorable Quotes[]

Trance: She can't tell you.
Beka: Why? Why can't I tell him?
Trance: Because, if you tell him, Tyr will die.
Tyr: Then, by all means, leave me in suspense.

Dylan: The Engine of Creation is a myth. It's like the Holy Grail of ancient Earth, or the Wyvern's Hoards of Gehenna Mortis.
Beka: Or, a restored Commonwealth.
Dylan: (laughs, insincerely) It's not funny.

Beka: He never came back.
Dylan: But, you have a different plan?
Beka: My plan is to come back.
Dylan: That's a good plan.

Dylan: It's my military upbringing: Strictly by the book. Sometimes, it's my own private book, of course.

Dylan: They're not butchers, just very strange lovers.
Beka: Yeah, he's totally controlling, and she's this sexy, shoot-from-the-hip kinda gal. What could they possibly have in common?
Dylan: Well, Harper always says that opposites attract.
Beka: That's just his excuse to meet women. Everyone's the opposite of Harper.

Beka: I can't manipulate you like I can manipulate Tyr.
Dylan: Yeah, well, I think Tyr might have something to say about that.

DVD Release[]

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