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Yowari I
Alias: General
Gender: Male
Species: Vedran
Planet of Origin: Tarn-Vedra
Nation-State: Tarn-Vedra
Imperial Palace
Universe/Reality: Andromeda
Paa Core
Date of Birth: Unknown, BIE
Date of Death: Unknown
Profession: Supreme General
Ship Position: Supreme General of the Systems Commonwealth Armed Forces
Rank: Supreme General
Age: Unknown
Status: Dead
Spouse: Yoweri I
Children: Unknown, likely Yoweri II
A distant ancestor is Yoweri XXIII
Chronological and General Info
Era: Rise of the Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: Systems Commonwealth

General Huascar nax Yoweri was a Vedran Supreme Commander who led the Systems Commonwealth on a military campaign over 3 galaxies that allowed the Vedran race to rule over those galaxies. The Vedran Empire that he helped pull together eventually formed the Systems Commonwealth, because the sheer quantity of alien peoples that he conquered eventually outnumbered the Vedran conquerors. He was one of the Vedran Empress Yoweri I's mates.


  • Huáscar Inca was the Emperor of the Incans from 1527 to 1532, and one of the last to hold the post. Yoweri Museveni is a Ugandan politician.
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