The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Male
Species: Unknown
Profession: Kalderan spy
Status: Dead
Played By: John DeSantis

Hsigo was present in a bar on Svarog's Anvil when Dylan, Beka, Trance, & Tyr were looking for Isabella Ortiz. When the Kalderan's were attacking the bar, he suggested that they just hand over Ortiz to them, but Trance steps in his way and threatens him if he even tries, so he backs down.

Later, after Jadis kills Cory, he thought it ironic that a scared pregnant woman was the one who killed Ortiz rather than those who had been hunting her for ten years. Beka then asks him what did Ortiz ever do to him, and he says that she gave him the worst thing someone can do: she gave him hope. He had served in the Alliance Self-Defense Forces for seven years and fought the Kalderans to the very end and all he ever got was dead friends, a busted face, and a nothing job on a dead planet and he never knew what she looked like.

When Hsigo finally discovers that Saphia is really Ortiz, he pulls his gun on her, but instead he gets shot and killed by Tyr and Beka and realize that he was the Kalderans' inside man. ("Last Call at the Broken Hammer")