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The Andromeda Ascendant docked in the far left dock undergoing a retrofit


Close up of the Andromeda docked


The Howl of Clarity Drydock facilities are the High Guard's primary maintenance facility. It consists of 7 space docks in orbit over Xinti, which are connected by a large umbilical cord that allows people and materials to be shuttled back and forth between the drydocks. Little is known about them, except that the Perseids have the largest percentage of personnel on board the docks, because updates to hardware and software as well as refits are commonly done in these drydocks.

Umbilical Cord[]

The drydocks are all connected by a very large "umbilical cord" that holds extremely large corridors for moving materials and people, as well as living quarters for over 7,000 workers, and 2,000 High Guard Lancer Corps troops for deployment. The cord also holds conduits for power and life support.


The drydocks themselves are of octagonal design. They are very large, as they can service Andromeda Ascendant with space to spare. On the left side of the docks are a variety of arms for heavy lifting. On the right side are Command Centers and ordinance storage. They are studded with huge floodlights.