The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Male
Species: Perseid
Rank: Technical Director
Status: Dead
Played By: Alex Diakun
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation: New Systems Commonwealth


Hohne is the representative of the planet Xinti and librarian of the Special Collections Division of the All Systems University.

As part of a Perseid observation mission of a Black Hole, Hohne helped Seamus Harper experiment with teleportation in the form of a Quantum Entanglement Teleporter.

When Renvik, an agent of the Special Collections Division, who had a copy of the All Systems University database, was on the run from a bounty hunter named Jeger, Hohne sent the agent to the safest place, which just happened to be the Andromeda.

A year later, while attending a delegations' meeting, Hohne tried to ask Harper for the database, which is pivotal in restoring the Commonwealth. Hohne was present during an attack made by Satrina Leander and other agents of the Spirit of the Abyss, who were unstoppable with their tesseracting generators. After the fight, Hohne probably got the database.

When Harper was trying to create a tesseract generator to purge his Magog eggs. Unfortunately, building it cause space and time to warp on the ship and Xinti. While running away from Kalderans, Hohne accidentally fell through a tesseract, and although a bit of struggling with Harper took place, he was unable to hold on and fell into the slipstream core. Assuming the long fall killed Hohne, Harper mourned the loss of his friend. For a long time, Harper blamed himself for Hohne's death.

Three years later, Hohne rematerialized on the ship, having fallen through a stray tesseract into the future. When drones around Methus-1 and Methus-2 began malfunctioning, Hohne teleports to stop them. A last message from Hohne tells Harper that he has to move on and make his own destiny. He also called Harper his best friend.


Hohne falling into the Slipstream Core


Hohne and his assistant, Rakeeb, on the Andromeda Ascendant