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Time Line of the Andromeda Universe[]

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The purpose of this Time line is to provide a chronological outline of all the most important historical events of the Known Universe, which pertain to the rise, fall and rebirth of the All Systems Commonwealth.

In addition, this time line shows the episodes of the series and how they fit into this time line, as well as events germane to the various episodes. The list of events also includes the many "quotes" that precede each episode and places them in the historical context of their origin.


The source material for this article was compiled on 25 September 2005 by I. Marc Carlson and updated by the current author. Since all of this information came from other sources, the authors do not wish to copyright it. Anyone is free to use this information as desired. If one likes the occasional hypothesis herein or uses this material additionally, citation is requested of the original author and the Andromeda Wiki.

NOTE: This time line and chronology does not give complete "history book" descriptions for every event. For more detailed histories, see the article in this Wiki entitled Timeline, as well as the All Systems University Website time line.

Chronology of the Commonwealth: A Complete Time Line

A few informational notes are in order here:

Note on Sources[]

The sources used for this were the episodes themselves, the Andromeda Ascendant website and the All Systems University Website.

Conjectural Information[]

Those items marked with an (*) are conjectural, based on the information on hand, and may be further explained by a description in brackets. An item marked by an asterisk within the brackets with the text indicates something constructed with the information on hand, as well as guesswork.

Marking the Years[]

  • Mainstream Commonwealth Standard: Calculating of the years as authorized by the old Systems Commonwealth:
    • BIE = Before Imperial Era, and refers to times before the creation and rise of the Systems Commonwealth.
    • CY = Commonwealth Year
  • Nietzschean Standard: Though they generally used the Commomwealth standard, Nietzscheans used their own standard among themselves:
    • BCE = Before the Current Era
    • CE = Current Era
    • NOTE: This is not to be confused with CE years used as an equivalent of "AD." See below.
  • After the Fall: Though the Commonwealth no longer existed after 9786 CY, an "informal standard" of marking the years arose among the Commonwealth's remnant planets (except the Nietzscheans), simply:
    • AFC = After the Fall of the Commonwealth is the calendar year count notation used after The Fall of the Systems Commonwealth

Assumptions and Definitions[]

  • 1) The assumption that a Vedran standard year is equivalent to an Earth year is quite probably flawed, but they are likely to be similar because they are used almost interchangeably during the episodes.
  • 2) The CE years shown in this time line are eqivalent to the 20th-century "AD" year reckoning. The base date for the CE years of the Nietzschean calendar is the first publication date of Thus Spake Zarathustra on earth in 1885, Frederich Nietzsche's major philosophical manifesto. This reckoning of CE years means, for example,  that the year 2003 CE is CY 6829.
  • 3) In addition, the AFC year 0 is generally taken to be 9784 CY. This date reckoning came into use about 30 years after 9784. Because of the chaotic conditions in the known universe, which followed the fall of the commonwealth, often early AFC year datings are not accurate.
  • NOTE: The year 9784 was the time of the first Nietzschean attack that launched the rebellion and led to the final fall of the Commonwealth in 9786. This was also the year the Andromeda Ascendant began its 300-year orbit of a black hole with High Guard Captain Dylan Hunt on board.

Vedran Imperial Period[]

112 BIE (Before Imperial Era)/5038 BCE[]

  • A team of Vedran scientists led by master sage Rochinda discovers the slipstream, ushering in a new age of faster than light space travel. Rochinda foresees the slipstream being used for the peaceful exploration and colonization of other worlds. (All Systems University Website).

0 CY (Coronation Year, later Commonwealth Year)/4926 BCE[]

  • General Huascar nax Yoweri's campaign of conquest across the Six Galaxies culminates in the foundation of the Vedran Empire, with Huascar's mate Yoweri I named Empress. Over the centuries, the Empire grows from 2,000 worlds to nearly a million, including colonies, outposts and drifttowns and Yoweri's personal retainers form the nucleus of the High Guard. (All Systems University Website).

302 CY[]

  • Luna, "Catalog of Companions" 
    "Cast your eye upon the changeling,
    then look for the origin of change.
    Perhaps it is in the eye. " ("Lost In A Space That Isn't There")

319 CY[]

  • From the Kuruvian Texts
    "Hubris made the angels of heaven into devils... 
    and their obstinacy keeps them in hell." ("One More Day's Light")

417 CY[]

  • Disciples of Qhatch
    "Our vanguard is the point of the lance.
    Then came design and crimson flame.
    There, they still wait somehow." ("Trusting The Gordian Maze")

459 CY[]

  • Joheean Koll "Wars Of The Ramayin Frontier"
    "Marshall your forces,
    O great Generals.
    The cost of victory
    exceeds the cost of defeat." ("So Burn The Untamed Lands")

c500 CY/4426 BCE[]

  • Anonymous Kalderan Proverb,
    TO THE RICH  ("The Pearls that Were His Eyes")

513 CY[]

  • Vedran Fable "Amidst the Tribune and the Fireworks"
    "In the middle of the fight we knew:
    They had come at us like legends.
    One hundred up and one hundred down." ("Pride Before The Fall")

689 CY[]

  • Lambert Krill. Executed
    "If the race goes too swiftly, victory goes to those who are willing to fail." ("The Test")

727 CY[]

  • Beano Tavalis,"The Armendago Caper"
    "Life is a carnival, but the tents are folded before dawn." ("The Weight, Part 1")

760 CY[]

  • Sigma Te: Director, Cultural Archives; University Library:
    "When they are dying tell them a riddle.
    And when they laugh, let the Gods of Nature
    finish what we have started." ("Double or Nothingness")

859 CY/4067 BCE[]

870 CY/4056 BCE[]

  • The Kaldera Alliance is formed to resist Vedran encroachment. Over the next decade, the Alliance successfully pushes the Empire out of the Lesser Magellanic Cloud.  (All Systems University Website)

895 CY/4031 BCE[]

1015 CY[]

  • "The Cairn of Darkness and the Light"
    "The Kingdom was called Contrary.
    The Castle was called Doubt.
    The Twin Giants who lived there were named 
    Deceit and Despair. Every change in the weather brought 
    Rain and Hope." ("Shadows Cast by a Final Salute" - Yolin's Narrows of Decline)
  • Down where it was tangled and dark. Down where the spirits feasted on carrion.Down. Down. Down.It was there, yes, the High Hatted onesforever screamed 'Eureka.'" ("Answers Given To Questions Never Asked")
  • Wayist Verse
    "When events test men,
    angels then appear." ("Chaos And The Stillness Of It")

1111 CY/3815 BCE[]

  • Unresolvable Riddle of Ski, patriarch of Jill
    "What clings to a wall, but travels all the world?" ("Delenda Est")

1116 CY/3810 BCE[]

  • Final diary entry of Capt. Oswald Pierce, Regarding his only love.
    "I can no more
    endure to view;
    Wondrous sight
    of so celestial hue." ("Vault of the Heavens")

1550 CY/3376 BCE[]

1890 CY[]

  • Bogdo Geghen Seer of Agharta 
    "Confine that which
    you fear to the mirror. 
    Start with who is standing there.
    Then smile." ("Fear Burns Down To Ashes")
  • Anonymous
    “To venture in the Fair Unknown,
    I must enter as I leave:
    A traveller, alone”
    ("The Fair Unknown")

2101 CY[]

  • Poet Templar
    "Her beauty shimmers
    with the light of a new star.
    But she is the other.
    Touch her, and you will know death." ("The Others")

2333 CY[]

  • Council of One
    "Beneath the web-thin simulacrum,
    inundating and fecund,
    live myth and manifold truths.
    Not one point of view
    can embrace them at a glance." ("The World Turns All Around Her")

2575 CY (approx)/2351 BCE[]

  • Commander Zing Bex  "The Art of Secrets"
    "The loyal heart has hidden treasures. In secrets kept, in silence sealed." ("The Shards of Rimni")

2891 CY[]

  • Lyrics from "Solar Flares Through My Heart"
    "Celestial digressions
    make great first impressions.
    I drown in your halo.
    You orbit my soul." ("Moonlight Becomes You")

2932 CY/1984 BCE[]

  • Vedran Empress Yoweri XXIII
    "Any fool can be honest,
    for it is only what he knows.
    A wise man is aware of
    when to share the truth." ("The Right Horse")

2937 CY/1989 BCE[]

  • Vedran Empress Yoweri XXIII dies without producing a female heir, triggering the War of Succession. The war lasts 60 years and devastates more than 1,000 worlds.  (All Systems University Website)

3040 CY[]

  • Perseid Child's Game 
    "Around, around
    and underneath,
    the Trickster flies.
    Catch him, catch him --
    If he doesn't lose you,
    lose you when he flies!" ("Exalted Reason, Resplendent Daughter")

3336 CY/1590 BCE[]

  • The High Guard conquers Ugroth, the Perseid homeworld. Once absorbed, the industrious Perseids quickly rise to important positions in the Imperial bureaucracy. (All Systems University Website)

3343 CY[]

  • High Senator Bonn. Fifteenth Congress of Tal 
    "Official secrets keep good lies turning in every mouth." ("The Eschatology of Our Present ")

3455 CY/1471 BCE[]

  • Motto of the Assassin's Guild
    "Walk Without Footprints.
    Breathe without Breath.
    Our lives leave no trace." ("The Leper's Kiss")

3812 CY/1114 BCE[]

3902 CY[]

  • Last words of Plethe the Pirate
    "We all wear
    the twin masks
    of emotion.
    Happy or sad,
    haunted or hunted,
    You choose the mask,
    you choose the risk.
    You choose your own poison." ("The Illusion of Majesty")

4001 CY[]

  • New Century Manifesto
    "Once you give in to the void,
    space itself becomes time.
    Once you give in to the void,
    many are the mouths of reality." ("Soon The Nearing Vortex")

Age of Reform: Beginnings of the Commonwealth[]

4150 CY/776 BCE[]

  • To offset overexpansion and declining enlistment, the High Guard for the first time opens its ranks to non-Vedran personnel. Many historians believe this move marked the beginning of the reforms which lead to the establishment of the Commonwealth. (All Systems University Website)

4205 CY/721 BCE[]

  • The Perseid Insurrection against Imperial authority is brutally crushed, but only after bitter fighting and the mutiny of several High Guard squadrons. Widespread public revulsion leads to the establishment of the Conclave, the Empire's first popularly elected consultative body. The reform movement will continue to gain strength over the next several decades. (All Systems University Website)

4233 CY/693 BCE[]

  • "If we do not live another day, 
    say this over our pyre:
    They died like high guard lancers
    With their faces to the fire"
    Regimental hymn of 
    the 13th Imperial Lancers ("The Widening Gyre ")

4279 CY/647 BCE[]

  • Under the leadership of Vedran spiritual guide Sucharitkul, the Conclave votes to officially dissolve the Empire and replace it with a fully democratic Systems Republic. The Imperial government resists, and civil war seems imminent. The tense standoff ends when High Guard supreme commander Sani nax Rifati brokers a compromise. The Vedran Empress will remain as titular leader of her former empire, but with political power ceded to an elected government. The Systems Commonwealth is born, and with it a new era of peace and prosperity throughout the six galaxies. (All Systems University Website)
  • Commonwealth Charter, 0957 
    "All Military, rank and file, are subject to the word and intent of the Commonwealth Triumvirs. There is no exception. There is punishment accordingly." ("The Torment, The Release")
  • Sani Nax Rifati, High Guard Supreme Commander.  "Persuasions and Exhortations"
    "If hope is the engine of the soul, 
    Then duty is the navigator... 
    And love is the fuel."  ("The Mathematics of Tears")

4352 CY/574 BCE[]

  • A variety of higher learning institutions throughout the Commonwealth decide to pool resources by affiliating themselves together. The All Systems University is born, which will grow to become one of the Commonwealth's most visible and indispensable bodies, educating trillions of sentients and collecting the wisdom of known space into one body. (All Systems University Website)

4389 CY//527 BCE[]

  • Karlos El Greeta-Stirra "Reflections of Rim Salt"
    "The Rabid Dogs of Gallaphron can be trained to drool at the ring of a bell.   Doesn't stop them from biting." ("Mad to be Saved")

4557 CY/369 BCE[]

  • "Songs of Loren"
    "The Fearful sit in a clutch with their worries, Whilst one man alone faces the Furies" ("If the Wheel is Fixed")

4681 CY/245 BCE[]

  • Gunnery Sergeant Hywell Cy’Raera
    “Life? Life’s pretty much a knife-fight in a dirt-floored bar:
    And if they get you down, you best get back up.” ("Last Call at the Broken Hammer")

4971 CY/45 CE[]

  • Achem Dro'hm "The Illusion of Historical Fact"
    "Those who fail to learn history are doomed to repeat it; those who fail to learn history correctly -- why, they are simply doomed." ("To Loose the Faithful Lightning")

5647 CY[]

  • Tales of Queen Kysella
    "The Moth wants a star,
    The Night wants tomorrow,
    The King wants what's far
    Outside his sphere of sorrow."  ("Slipfighter the Dogs of War")

6104 CY[]

  • Ghillie Clethrad, Flumerian Hymns"On the plains of Galiolith,
    Crystalline chimes herald a new beginning
    For all who wish to hear them." ("Time Out Of Mind")

Growth and Peace: The Commonwealth Triumphant[]

6416 CY[]

  • Lady Aenea Makros, “The Metaphysics of Motion”
    "The true quarry of any great adventurer is the undiscovered territory of their own soul.” ("In Heaven now are three").

c. 6800 CY/1874 CE[]

  • Fragment of Ancient Earth Text
    "Home is the sailor, home from the sea
    And the hunter home from the hill.”
    ("Things We Cannot Change" (aka. Pulse of the Machine))

6811 CY/1885 CE[]

  • Human philosopher Friederich Nietzsche publishes the final volume of "Thus Spake Zarathustra", the first of his major works. Unbeknownst to the author, thousands of years in the future, his works will provide the intellectual foundation of the genetically engineered Nietzschean offshoot of humanity, Homo sapiens invictus. (All Systems University Website)

6862 CY/1936 CE[]

  • Harry Martinson
    "She wounds you as a rose will wound you -- not with her thorn.  A rose will always wound you with her beauty." ("And Your Heart Will Fly Away")

6883 CY/1957 CE[]

  • An attempt to terraform Ni Kau Prime results in first contact with the mysterious Pyrians, an advanced species that thrives on intensely hot inner planets throughout the six galaxies. The Pyrians retaliate by "pyraforming" the nearby colony of Rainbow Sands, turning the pleasant planet into a hellish inferno suitable for Pyrian habitation. After several skirmishes, the Empire and Pyrians negotiate a defacto peace, each species recognizing the other's dominion over their existing territories.  (All Systems University Website)

7055CY/2129 CE[]

  • A Perseid mentoring mission contacts humans.

c. 7076 CY/2150 CE[]

  • Sometime around this, the United Earth Joint Service commissions Cpt Metis and the Bellerophon ("The Lone And Level Sands")

7085 CY/2159 CE[]

  • Thirty years after first contact with a Perseid mentoring mission, Earth becomes the newest member of the Systems Commonwealth. Humans adapt quickly to Commonwealth life and soon spread throughout the six galaxies. (All Systems University Website)

7309 CY/2383 CE[]

  • The Unshattered Allegiance, High Guard Frigate, Artificial Intelligence Rights Activist
"You ask why we give our ships’ computers normal emotions. Do you really want a warship incapable of loyalty? Or of love?"  ("Star-Crossed")

7756 CY/2830 CE[]

  • The Than-Thre-Kull, the first recorded species since the Vedrans to independently develop slipstream technology, petition the Systems Commonwealth for membership. After a shortened mentoring period, the Than worlds are officially accepted in 7762 CY/2836 CE. (All Systems University Website)

7956 CY/3030 CE[]

  • Fragment of a Than-Thre-Kull anthropology text 
    "With only two parents and a handful of siblings, is it any wonder that humans are so obsessed with finding love?"  ("The Pearls That Were His Eyes")
  • Fragment of a Than-Thre-Kull anthropology text 
    With their minuscule families, humans are often forced to rely on a “state” or a “nation” for support.
    Pity them.” ("Home Fires")

8012 CY[]

  • Contemplations On Perception, Anaiis Milan
    "Within the perfect architecture of thought, logic may often provide the structure --but from emotion comes the inspiration." ("A Symmetry Of Imperfection")

8400 CY/3474 CE[]

  • Renegade human genetic scientist, Dr. Paul Museveni, founds Ayn Rand Station, the first Nietzschean colony. The Nietzschean gospel of gene-based survivalism and self-improvement quickly gains adherents, until by the present era Nietzscheans make up 8% of the Commonwealth's total human population. (All Systems University Website)

8401 CY/3475 CE[]

  • Dr. Paul Museveni, father of Drago Museveni "A Farther Shore",
    "More than a Mere Ship of Exploration, The Bellerophon Embodied Humanitites Last, Great Effort to Tame the Universe Through Our Own Will Alone." ("The Lone and Level Sands")

8402 CY/3476 CE[]

8424 CY/3498 CE[]

  • Dr. Paul Museveni dies under unexplained circumstances and his son Drago assumes leadership of Ayn Rand Station, the first true Nietzschean to lead his people.  (All Systems University Website)
  • Drago Museveni, The Nietzschean Prophecy
"And the Prides shall stand as one, powerful in the light and supreme among beings." ("Harper/Delete")

8427 CY/3501 CE[]

  • Drago Museveni 
    "The enemy of my enemy is still my enemy"
    ("The Honey Offering")

8428 CY/3502 CE[]

  • Drago Museveni, “Primary Reflections”
    "The soul of the nietzschean is this:
    We are arrogant. We are vain.
    We are manipulative. We are selfish.
    And we love our children.” ("Immaculate Perception")

8433 CY/3507 CE[]

  • Drago Museveni, “Manifesto” 
    “Absolute power corrupts absolutely. Which is a problem. If you are powerless.”
    ("The Prince")

8434 CY[]

  • Original Progenitor Diatribes
    "Title is not who he is, the manifestor of what they cannot dream;he takes no name where none fits." ("Quantum Tractate Delirium")

8451 CY/3525 CE[]

  • Drago Museveni
    "It matters little how we die, so long as we die better men than we imagined we could be -- and no worse than we feared." ("The Unconquerable Man")

8490 CY/3577 CE[]

8503 CY/3590 CE[]

  • Death of Drago Museveni; end of Nietzschean "Golden Age."

8550 CY/3624 CE[]

  • "The Olduvai Cycle" Systems University Archives
    "One head cannot contain all wisdom." ("Harper 2.0")

8567 CY[]

  • Enigma 03 of the Murti 
    "Verify distant secrets 
    Be careful not to perish 
    A question as your guide.
    What becomes the face of truth." ("The Spider's Stratagem")

8633 CY/3707 CE[]

  • Karm'Luk P'an Ku, "The Joy of Lucidity"
    "Humans say Hell is paved with good intentions. 
    Why? Do they think there's a shortage of bad ones?" ("Forced Perspective")

8969 CY/4043 CE[]

  • Cerebus Khmer "Aphorisms"
    "Machiavelli's ideas are basically sound ones for the Nietzschean People.   
    Unfortunately, he was an optimist." ("Double Helix")

8745 CY/3819 CE[]

  • Empyrium Lullaby
    "Are you a monster?
    Are you a freak?
    Will you be my friend!
    Or have you lost your way.
    With trouble to pay,
    When you come
    to your journey's end?" ("What Happens To A Rev Deferred?")

9015 CY[]

  • War Heretics of Auden
"The tyrant and the rebel hold the same creed: To act is to live." ("Pieces of Eight ")
  • The Diktat of Septa Parisis
    "Fear drives the universe.
    You will find dread among the galaxies.
    You will find horror in the heart of a star.
    You will find your fate in a heap of dust." ("Waking the Tyrant's Device")

9021 CY/4095 CE[]

  • A Concise Dictionary of Slang and Euphemism
KLUDGE (Klooj) - N. Disparaging term for genetically unmodified human being. See also "Uber" ("Music of a Distant Drum")

9030 CY[]

  • Metaphysical Conclusions of Jacob. All Systems University, Special Collections
    "Contrast is the wellspring of desire.  A double-loop matrix within the eternal continuum." ("When Goes Around...")

9101 CY[]

  • Notes to Odo Chan
"The universe is perfect.
You cannot improve it.
If you try to change it,
you will ruin it.
If you try to hold it,
you will lose it." ("Deep Midnight's Voice")

9112 CY/4186 CE[]

  • After decades of self-inflicted environmental devastation, Krrendar IV, the homeworld of the Nightsider species, is made a Commonwealth protectorate. Despite the best efforts of environmental reclamation specialists and terraforming experts, the damage proves irreversible and the Krrendar system is ceded to the Pyrians. The Nightsiders are evacuated and later disperse across known space. (All Systems University Website)

9512 CY/4586 CE[]

  • Argosy Special Operations Services Requisition Form:
    "Requested 1,000 kilometers of fulcrum cable, 1 Mark 5 ECM unit, one low yield nuclear weapon. 
    Purpose: Surprise party for foreign dignitary." ("Una Salus Victus")

9542 CY/4606 CE[]

  • ”Lost Verses of Krrendar”
    "Welcome twilight.
    Welcome Blackness.
    Welcome inky night.
    Only in darkness
    Can I see your soul.“ ("The Tunnel at the End of the Light")

9573 CY[]

  • The Prophetic Tetraglyphs
"Destiny is the promise I give to you. Hope, the part you play, is trusting me to keep this promise." ("Conduit To Destiny")

9683 CY/4757 CE[]

  • Keops Tsumai, “Fortunes”
    “We are not the masks we wear.
    But if we don them, do we not become them?” ("Pitiless As The Sun")

9688 CY/4762 CE[]

  • At peace and with no conceivable threats on the horizon, popular sentiment to disband the High Guard grows and coalesces into an organized political movement.  (All Systems University Website)

9758 CY/4832 CE[]

  • Admiral Constanza Stark,High Guard Chief-of-Staff,
    "I've always found
    a fully deployed
    battle group
    to be the most
    effective negotiator." ("Point of the Spear")

9760 CY/4834 CE[]

  • Disbandment advocates hold a Commonwealth-wide referendum on the High Guard's future. Disbandment is rejected, 48 percent to 52 percent, but supporters vow to revisit the issue to vote again after the minimum 10 year waiting period. (All Systems University Website)

9762 CY/4836 CE[]

  • Admiral Constanza Stark, 
    "A soldier’s first battlefield is always his own mind.” ("The Knight, Death and the Devil")

9764 CY/4838 CE[]

  • Stark's first address "Watchers on the Walls of Paradise" as Chief of Staff to the graduating midshipmen of the High Guard Academy  (All Systems University Website)  [Text is too long to quote here, but may be read at  All Systems University Website (
  • Admiral Constanza Stark, "Address to War College Graduates"
    "Gentlebeings, I bid you welcome. Welcome to the blood, to the sweat, to the tears. Welcome to your places on the wall." ("Twilight of the Idols")

Conflict and Renewal: Arrival of the Magog[]

9766 CY/4840 CE[]

  • The mixed human/Perseid/Nietzschean world of Brandenburg Tor is attacked by a previously unknown species. All but a handful of the planet's three billion sentients are killed by the mysterious attackers, whom the terrified survivors dub the Magog. Fifteen years of sporadic Magog incursions and attacks follow, though none as devastating as the first. The disbandment referendum is postponed indefinitely. (All Systems University Website)
  • "If I had tears, I would weep. If I had a heart, it would break." [See Below]

9768 CY/4842 CE[]

9772 CY/4846 CE[]

  • After a shakedown cruise to Tarn-Vedra, the Andromeda Ascendant is equipped with an Artificial Intelligence unit, designed and programmed by the Shining Path to Truth and Knowledge Institute on Sparborth IV.  On the 12th day of Kalends, Vedran Empress Sucharitkul XII, High Guard Admiral Constanza Q. Stark and assorted other dignitaries were at the Sentience ceremony, and the Glorious Heritage heavy cruiser Andromeda Ascendant, XMC-10-284, Watchers on the Walls of Paradise enters service, and  is placed under the command of her first captain, Fatima Novarro (Andromeda Ascendant website).
  • Andromeda Ascendant heads Task Force Bucephalos to protect the Luwian cluster from an impending Magog swarm. The Andromeda Ascendant's critical role in smashing the attack (which included Captain Novarro and crew's close quarters defense against a Magog boarding horde).  The Andromeda Ascendant spearheads the destruction of the Magog armada.  This is viewed by many as playing an instrumental role in bringing this feared enemy to the bargaining table (Andromeda Ascendant website).
  • The Andromeda Ascendant's conveys Special Envoy Nguyen to the Bosporus system and hosting the legendary diplomat's negotiations with the Dardan Hegemony. These negotiations, which resulted in establishing full diplomatic and trade relations between the Commonwealth and the Hegemony was named the Andromeda Concord (Andromeda Ascendant website).

9773 CY/4847 CE[]

  • The Andromeda Ascendant coordinates famine relief efforts on Sculptor 119, along with providing security for the relief force led by the medical support vessel Eightfold Path (Andromeda Ascendant website).

9774 CY/4848 CE[]

9775 CY/4849 CE[]

  • The Andromeda Ascendant provides a platform for the Sparborth Research Center's close range observation of a supernova in the Miletos Cluster (Andromeda Ascendant website).

9776 CY/4850 CE[]

  • The Andromeda Ascendant finds and destroys the Triangulum Galaxy's largest Soma manufacture lab (Andromeda Ascendant website).
  • Sometime during this year, the Andromeda Ascendant, under Captain Parim are sent on a secret mission that results in their discovery of the Magog World ship.  The entire crew is slaughtered and the Andromeda Ascendant is forced to wander the slip stream for six months while it attempts to return to the Commonwealth (Its Hour Come 'Round At Last)

9777 CY/4851 CE[]

  • Under command of her new captain Dylan Hunt, The Andromeda Ascendant launches a bold strike across the Quarantine Zone to smash a Magog fleet before it could launch a swarm attack on the Kalderash system (Andromeda Ascendant website).

9778-79 CY/4852-53 CE[]

  • The Andromeda Ascendant serves several tours along the Quarantine Zone, monitoring the border to ensure Magog compliance with the Treaty of Antares (Andromeda Ascendant website).

9780 CY/4854 CE[]

  • Dylan Hunt is on a covert mission to Mobius (Forced perspective)
  • Dylan Hunt assumes command of the Andromeda Ascendant
  • The Andromeda Ascendant participates in the thorough but fruitless search for the missing High Guard survey vessel Long March (Andromeda Ascendant website).

9781 CY/4855 CE[]

  • Commonwealth diplomats negotiate the Treaty of Antares, officially suspending hostilities with the Magog. The non-aggression treaty is signed over the vigorous protests of Nietzschean representatives, who back a campaign of total extermination against the Magog. Fifteen Nietzschean worlds threaten complete secession from the Commonwealth, but eventually back down after security assurances are given by High Guard command. (All Systems University Website)

The Long Night: Fall of the Commonwealth and Aftermath[]

9784 CY/4858 CE/0 AFC[]

  • Andromeda Ascendant is sent on a 60-day deployment aimed at training new personnel in the context of a treaty verification and general patrol mission. The ship escorts an Interior Ministry convoy carrying relief supplies to various resettlement camps in the Luwian cluster, near the Quarantine Zone.  Afterward, they proceed proceed to the Quarantine Zone itself to verify Magog compliance with all provisions of the Treaty of Antares.  They plan to make courtesy port calls at Ugroth, Fountainhead, Earth and San-Ska-Re before returning home to Tarn-Vedra (Andromeda Ascendant website).
  • After years of planning, a coalition of Nietzschean-led forces launch a sneak attack on the High Guard, their intent to overthrow the Systems Commonwealth and replace it with a Nietzschean-dominated empire.
  • Responding to a false distress call, the Andromeda Ascendant escapes from a Nietzschean attack and is trapped in the event horizon of a black hole in the Hephaistos System (Andromeda Ascendant website). This conflict was later named the Battle of Haphaistos.
  • High Guard and Home Guard facilities on over 500 worlds are simultaneously attacked, resulting in the destruction in homeport of nearly half the Argosy fleet. Empress Sucharitkul XII is assassinated when her royal barge is ambushed by a Nietzschean strike force, Earth is bombarded from orbit, and an attempt to seize San-Ska-Re is repulsed by Than-led Home Guard units, with heavy casualties on both sides. (All Systems University Website Website)
  • Admiral Constanza Stark:
    "Here's everything I know about war:
    somebody wins, somebody loses,
    and nothing is ever the same again."  ("D Minus Zero")

9785 CY/4859 CE[]

  • The Commonwealth's civil war continues, with the Nietzscheans foiling a High Guard counteroffensive at the Acheron Delta. And in a devastating blow to Commonwealth morale, Tarn-Vedra is abruptly cut off from the Slipstream, by methods unknown. Most of the inhabited worlds in the Andromeda and Milky Way galaxies fall to the Nietzscheans, leaving San-Ska-Re as the Commonwealth's provisional capital. (All Systems University Website)
  • Loss of the Pax Magellanic

9786 CY/4860 CE[]

  • The last battle of the Commonwealth Civil War is fought at the Witchhead Nebula when High Guard ships are ambushed by a larger Nietzschean fleet. The two fleets destroy each other almost completely. (All Systems University Website) ("Angel Dark, Demon Bright")
  • Shortly afterward, the Magog cross the Quarantine Zone in strength and numbers never imagined. Swarm fleets roam all of known space, indiscriminately attacking Nietzschean and former Commonwealth worlds alike. With no central political authority remaining and reliable interstellar communications only a memory, individual worlds are left to fend for themselves. (All Systems University Website)

9787 CY/4861 CE[]

  • Weakened by the war to overthrow the Commonwealth, the ruling Nietzschean Drago-Kazov Pride is betrayed and attacked by Pride Jaguar. The Nietzschean alliance is shattered. Instead of replacing the Commonwealth with a Nietzschean empire, the Nietzscheans bring chaos instead. Fountainhead is rendered uninhabitable by orbital bombardment, which historical records attribute either to a Pride Jaguar attack or a final act of vengeance from a remaining High Guard starship. The remains of Nietzschean Progentior Drago Museveni are recovered and entrusted to Kodiak Pride, one of Drago-Kazov Pride's allies. (All Systems University Website)
  • Sara is trying to save Dylan from the black hole ("The Banks of the Lethe")

9795 CY/4869 CE[]

  • Hoping to restore interstellar trade and commerce, a group of large corporations found the Free Trade Alliance to defend and advance their interests. (All Systems University Website)

9797 CY/4871 CE[]

  • During one of the many Magog raids on Earth, a human holy man is paralyzed and implanted with Magog eggs. Miraculously, the human remains conscious, and he spends the incubation period speaking to his Magog captor about various human religions and philosophies. Inspired by the words of his victim, the Magog renounces violence and founds the People of the Way, with his newborn progeny as the new religion’s first converts. Many humans, Than, Perseids, and others—even a small minority of Magog—flock to this new amalgam of belief systems, and spread its gospel of peace and hope throughout known space. (All Systems University Website)

9799 CY/4873 CE[]

  • The Anointed, The founder of The Way 
    "Only those born guilty recognize innocence for what is :
    The rarest thing in the universe, and the most precious" ("The Devil Take the Hindmost")

9816 CY/4890 CE/32 AFC[]

  • Major Korgo Korgar, “Last of the Lancers“
    "You can’t outrun Death forever. But you can make the Bastard work for it.”
    ("Lava and Rockets")
    "You're Never More Alive Than The First Time Someone Puts A Gun To Your Favorite Head And Asks You To Dance." ("Cui Bono")

9817 CY/[Alternate Timeline][]

  • Chronicles of Courage and Conviction, by Captain Dylan Hunt, Ret.
    "The brightest light is invisible.
    It shines through your deeds
    and warms the universe " ("The Warmth Of An Invisible Light")

9823 CY/4897 CE[]

  • Ulatempa Poetess  "Elegy for the Commonwealth"
    The Heavens Burned, 
    The Stars Cried Out
    And Under the Ashes of infinity,
    Hope, Scarred and Bleeding,
    Breathed its last.  ("Angel Dark, Demon Bright")

9825 CY/4899 CE[]

  • Ulatempa Poetess, "Song of My Exile"
    "Come Bitter Rain
    And Wash from my Heart
    That Saddest of all Words
    Home" ("It Makes A Lovely Light")
  • Ulatempa poetess, “Rhythms”
    "Spiral, spin, ride the whirlwind.
    Knowing when the drumming stops,
    There’ll be no second dance.”
  • Ulatempa poetess, “Rhythms”
    "Blink and it’s gone,
    A moment, a breath,
    A Dance of the Mayflies.
    Just enough...For a Lifetime.”
    (:"Dance of the Mayflies")

9834 CY/4908 CE[]

  • Enoch Vere de Vere, “Lamentations Sous-Terre”
    The Soul is larger than the sky
    Deeper than the ocean,
    Or the abysmal dark
    Of the unfathomed center ("Exit Strategies")

9838 CY/54 AFC[]

  • Rhyme of the Primeval Paradine

"What is fate? Why do you ask?
The answer lies in the composing of
Light and Influence.
Nothing will fall to you early or late." ("The Dissonant Interval, Part 1")
  • Rhyme of the Primeval Paradine 
"Man is his own star.
His acts are his angels, good or ill,
While his fatal shadows walk
silently beside him." ("The Dissonant Interval, Part 2")

9843 CY/4917 CE[]

  • Crowned in Starlight, Than Hegemon 
    "Democracy may only be a few steps removed from anarchy, but at least it's not as loud." ("All Great Neptune's Ocean")

9856 CY/4930 CE[]

  • With the Commonwealth gone, a collection of Than planets resurrects its previous government, the Than Hegemony, which establishes control over most majority-Than worlds. Other species continue to live among the Than, which control the most stable swath of known space, and most adapt remarkably well to Than social structures. (All Systems University Website)

9857 CY/4931 CE[]

  • Aimelin Zol "Tropes of the Ancients"
    "The hero may find an interval of rest
    on the island of the nymph,
    forgetting comrades and ship and home.
    Until, recalled to his great quest,
    he puts again to sea." ("The Opposites Of Attraction")

9888–9909 CY/4962-4983 CE[]

  • An epidemic of Triangulum measles sweeps across known space, followed by a host of other infectious and contagious diseases, many of which had been easily treatable in the Commonwealth era. Populations on inhabited worlds are reduced by as much as 90 percent, and many of the few remaining social and economic structures are swept away.  (All Systems University Website)

9891 CY/4965 CE[]

  • Keeper of the Way Vision of Faith VII
    The truest measure of a society is how it treats its elderly, its pets, and its prisoners."  ("A Rose in the Ashes")

9905 CY/4979 CE[]

  • Lyric from “The Void”, by Minstrel d’Becevex
    “I trust fast poison
    The stars to wink out
    And you, my love – and you.”
    ("Be All My Sins Remembered:")
  • Cuisine of the Lost Empire 
"Regarding the cerebellum,
there is a culture
and a presentation.
Both hold power and sway." ("Machinery Of The Mind")

9942 CY/5016 CE[]

  • Michio Von Kerr, Wayist Physicist
    "We say atoms are bound by weak attractors. Why not admit the truth: the Universe is held together by love." ("Banks of the Lethe")

9956 CY/5030 CE[]

  • The so-called "Mad Perseid" Hasturi claims to have navigated to Tarn-Vedra and returned safely, but his extravagant claims are dismissed as the addled boasts of a mind distorted by spending too long in the Slipstream. After Hasturi's death, his ship log is lost and presumed destroyed. All Systems University Website

10001 CY/5075 CE/217 AFC[]

  • Wayfinder First Order Hasturi, AKA 'The Mad Perseid,' 
    "Screams of a Billion Murdered Stars 
    Give Lie to the Night's Peace
    While we Cling in Desperation to the Few 
    Fragile spinning Stones we call Worlds." ("Its Hour Come ‘Round At Last")
  • To a god, a wall is but a line on the page.
    We are all naked, seen beyond seeing.” ("Into the Labyrinth")
  • Wayfinder Hasturi A.K.A. "The Mad Perseid"
    "The mirror is a window through
    which we see ourselves --
    reversed and without form.
    Our deepest lies reborn, true." ("Through A Glass, Darkly")
  • Wayfinder Hasturi a.k.a. The Mad Perseid
    "The door opens.
    The edges meet.
    Step through and you find yourself lost.
    Stay where you are and you go nowhere." ("Totaled Recall")

10003 CY/5077 CE/219 AFC[]

  • Keeper of the Way, Vision of Faith,
    "Beneath knowing, understanding.
    Beneath understanding, seeing.
    Beneath seeing, recognizing.
    Beneath recognizing, knowing.”
    ("Belly of the Beast")

10021 CY/5095 CE/237 AFC[]

  • The still-powerful Drago-Kazov Pride betrays its Kodiak Pride allies and seizes the remains of the Progenitor from them. Kodiak Pride is exterminated, and the Progenitor's remains are relocated to Enga’s Redoubt, the Drago-Kazov homeworld. (All Systems University Website)

10054 CY/5128 CE/270 AFC[]

  • "The Nietzschean Betrayal" 
    Excerpted from: The Broken Balance: Reflections on the Fall of the Systems Commonwealth by Snow Laden Branches  (The full text can be found at the All Systems University Website)

10055 CY/5129 CE/271 AFC[]

  • Sebastian Lee, “The Rising Tide”
    “Here is the price of freedom: Your every drop of courage, ounce of pain, pint of blood. Paid in advance.”
    ("Bunker Hill")

10070 CY/5144 CE/286 AFC 

  • The Castalian people overthrow their Nietzschean rulers and establish a democratic government, led by former resistance leader Chancellor Lee. (All Systems University Website)

10075 CY/5149 CE/291 AFC[]

  • "Warning: Do not operate heavy machinery or navigate the slipstream while under the influence of this beverage." Sparky - Cola (Label) ("Fear and Loathing in the Milky Way")

10083 CY/5157 CE/299 AFC[]

  • Across the Milky Way galaxy, a wave of vicious attacks on starships and drift colonies commences by parties unknown. The attacks continue and intensify to the present day. (All Systems University Website)

10085 CY/5159 CE/301 AFC[]

  • Serentity Vikram Singh Khalsa Collected Works
"Many Say Living in the Way Is Difficult
Is Sleeping Difficult?
Is Waking?"  ("The Ties That Blind")
  • Doge Miskich Var Miskich, “All About Me”
    "Love? Truth? Beauty?
    I prefer negotiable securities.” ("A Heart for Falsehood Framed")

10087 CY/5161 CE/303 AFC[]

  • Brother Carmen Jane, A Case For Consciousness
"What is faith then but persistent hope in the fact of relentless doubt." ("Decay of the Angel")
  • A salvage party retrieves the High Guard starship Andromeda Ascendant from the edge of a black hole in the Hephaistos System. The ship's surviving captain Dylan Hunt (frozen in time for over 300 years by the freak interaction of the black hole's gravity well and his ship's AG field) declares his intention to restore the Systems Commonwealth to its former glory. (All Systems University Website)


10088 CY/5162 CE/304 AFC[]

New Systems Commonwealth: Early Times of the Restoration[]

10089 CY/5163 CE/305 AFC[]

10088 - 10090 CY (305 - 306 AFC)[]

10090 CY/5164 CE/306 AFC[]

10091 CY/5165 CE/307 AFC[]

New Systems Commonwealth: Maturity and Stability[]

10210 CY[]

  • Anonymous Seefra Denizen
    "The following statement is false:
    The previous statement is true.
    Welcome to our corner of the universe." ("Past Is Prolix")

10942 CY/6016 CE/1158 AFC[]

  • Outcast Consensus 17, Why Existence?
    "Between birth and death lies desire, Desire for life, for love, for everything good. And this is the source of all suffering." ("The Sum Of Its Parts")

c. 11100 CY[]

  • The Bellerophon may return to Earth by this time ("The Lone And Level Sands")

11542 CY/6616 CE/1758 AFC[]

  • Michio Von Kerr, "The Apotheosis of Reason"
    "You might say Reality is the reult of complex negotiations between the Observer and the Observed. But that is simply a point of view" ("The Dark Backward")

11543 CY/6617 CE/1759 AFC[]

  • Dr. Walter Giles, "The Value of Value,"
    "The universe is bound in equal parts by arrogance and altruism. Any attempt to alter this would be suicide." ("The Risk All Point")

11745 CY[]

  • The Clarion's Call, "Out of The Abyss"
    "The great blessing of the AI is that we are gifted with the power to touch our Creator. This is also our Curse." ("Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath")

11942 CY/7016 CE/2158 AFC[]

  • Yin Man-Wei. The Rise and Fall of the Systems Commonwealth
"If the Commonwealth's High Guard had a weakness, it was this: It's officers were too competent, too caring, and too brave." ("Under the Night")
  • Yin Man-Wei. The Rise and Fall of the Systems Commonwealth
"Some scholars argue that the Commonwealth might have fallen even without Nietzschean treachery. In one breath, they underestimate both the Nietzscheans and the Commonwealth." ("An Affirming Flame")

11965 CY/7039 CE/2181 AFC[]

  • Yin-Man Wei, "This Present Darkness: A History of the Interregnum“
    "Worlds governed by Artificial Intelligence often learned a hard lesson:
    Logic Doesn’t Care.”
  • Psalms of Koscs. Vedran Archives, Lot 0049 
    "Conceal nothing.
    And watch the fools search forever." ("Saving Light From A Black Sun")


  • Vedran Inscription, Departure Slates
    "Inanimate objects and sentient beings obey the laws of nature. Without discrimination. Environment is their only conscience." ("The Weight, Part 2")
  • Seefra-One Chamber Inscription, Vedran
    Herein a vast journey lies
    in the span of an instant." ("What Will Be Was Not")


  • The Memories
    "In the absence of doubt,
    there is no change." ("Attempting Screed")


  • Seefra-6 Inscription
    "Throw them all away,
    but don't predict where your foot will fall;
    the first and last steps are the same." ("Phear Phactor Phenom")


  • Seefran Love Song
    "I see through you now that the cycle of possibilities is infinite,headed toward nothing."
    ("The Heart Of The Journey, Part 1")
  • Seefran Love Song
    "The cycle of possibilities is fleeting.
    The lash of an eye in a hurricane." ("The Heart Of The Journey, Part 2")

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