The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Location: Andromeda Galaxy
Kaa Arm
Diameter: 9,400 km
Societal information
Species: 98% Kalderan
2% miscellaneous
Population: 284,000
Events: Destroyed by the Pax Magellanic
Technical information
Defenses: Commonwealth vessels
Ground missile defense batteries, Commonwealth controled


Herodotus was once a pleasant if nondescript Kalderan colony world, but became a tragic casualty of war. Due to its strategic location, Herodotus was the site of the Battle of Herodotus during the Nietzschean Uprising. The planet was located next to a major Slipstream Nexsus, where several routes intersected. Systems Commonwealth weapons batteries on the surface and fleets in orbit protected and regulated vessels that used the routes. During the uprising, the Nietzscheans tried to take quick control of the crucial junction. However, Commonwealth forces fought fiercely. The planet was destroyed when the High Guard starship Pax Magellanic fired its Slipstream Exotic Matter Pulsar directly at the world, opening a rift in space-time that ripped Herodotus to shreds and scattered it's remains across the system as a large asteroid field. The system has remained largely abandoned for three centuries.

Water coverage: 74%


  • Named for 'The Father of History', the Greek writer Herodotus, who embellished his narratives with entertaining details, but was the first collector of tales to be systematic and attempt some degree of corroboration and realism.



The Pax Magellanic firing the missile that would destroy the planet, and turn the system into a barren planetary debris field