Helios IX
Location: Andromeda Galaxy
Diameter: Unknown
Societal information
Species: Various members of hundreds of species
Population: Several thousand
Technical information
Defenses: Orbital Missile battery
Atmospheric missile defense system


In C.Y. 10087, Captain Dylan Hunt and Rommie visited the leading council of the planet Arazia to ask if they would like to join the New Systems Commonwealth. However, even though Dylan and Rommie visited the planet peacefully, the planet Arazia had suffered during the long night and the council saw the pair of them as guilty for crimes committed in the power vacuum that occurred during the long night. They were arrested and sent to Helios IX, which was one of their secret prison planets. They were later found by the Andromeda by a "guess" from Trance.

The planet itself has a very arid environment that is not suitable for all but the hardiest plant life, and the planet has a moon and a small penal colony on it.




The Helios IX landscape

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