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Hegemons heart

The Hegemon's Heart.

Hegemons heart map

The map to the Engine of Creation.


The Hegemon's Heart are the crystallized ventricles of the first Than-Thre-Kull hive queen. They attach great importance to the artifact.

During the long night, the Hegemon's Heart was stolen by Doge Miskich to be put on display on his drift, Pierpont Drift. The Than hold the heart in such high esteem that in order to get the heart back, they were ready to begin a war against Doge Miskich. The aforementioned war was only averted by the fact that Doge Miskich asked the Andromeda Ascendant for assistance.

Captain Hunt's crew stole the Hegemons Heart and replaced it with a fake. Beka Valentine scanned the heart, and found that the jewel contained a map leading to the Engine of Creation. The map might be another reason why the Than are so possessive of the jewel. ("A Heart for Falsehood Framed")


  • From the Ancient Greek 'ἡγεμων' (hēgemṓn), which means leader, this gem's name reflects the confederate and "first among equals" philosophy which shapes Than-Thre-Kull society and its head. To the Greeks, such a one was leader by skill and acknowledgement, rather than their ability in politics or to repress competition in the manner of a "tyrant".