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Heavy Worlder is the term used to describe a subgroup of Humans who have been modified to survive on high gravity worlds.


As mentioned above, Heavy Worlders can survive the harsh conditions present on a planet with heavy gravity. They can have up to five times the strength of a normal human, allowing them to fight on equal footing with a Nietzschean and live at least 180 years. Heavy Worlders also have noticeably different body weight than other humans based on Andromeda Ascendant's ability to identify Rox Nava as a heavy worlder by weighing her in the shower, as their muscles and bones are far more dense and powerful than an average person's.

Notable Members[]

  • Dylan Hunt's mother is Heavy Worlder and was a shuttle pilot.
  • Dylan Hunt is half Heavy Worlder. Even though only his mother was a Heavy Worlder, Dylan apparently retains all of the traits of a full heavy worlder.
  • Rox Nava is a full Heavy Worlder.