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A Heavy Cruiser Battle Group, also known as a HCBG, is the primary instrument of a strong forward presence for the High Guard. Because of their size and multi-mission capability, they are the unit of choice for missions of importance for the Systems Commonwealth, including diplomatic services, first contact missions, intergalactic exploration and sanction enforcement.



The standard distribution of assets in a Heavy Cruiser Battle Group is approximately 3-4 Light Seconds, with the Glorious Heritage Class ships and Fingers of Dawn class ships at the core, surrounded by concentric spheres of Deep Stand-off Attack Ships, Pride of Kaldera Class ships, and Eternal Vigilance Class ships. In combat operations, the Glorious Heritage Class serves as the general command and control platform, though latency issues tend to put reliance on individual asset commanders to operate somewhat independently. As a result, Heavy Cruiser Battle Group combat doctrine tends to be rigid with respect to the rules of engagement and general maneuvers.

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