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Hayek is Nassan's second-in-command, when the Andromeda Ascendant docks at High Guard Station GS-92196. A charismatic figure among the young population, Hayek has to do much that Nassan's ill health prevents her from doing herself. He has a zeal about completing the original High Guard mission which will not brook interference even from a High Guard Captain like Dylan Hunt. Hayek leads a mutinous assault on the bridge of Andromeda, and is poised to launch Nova bombs when he is literally taken down by the timely arrival of Rommie, who increases the ship's AG field in a limtied area to effective pin the rebels to the deck. After the crew foil his plan, Hayek is last seen looking depressed about a future in which Mapes leads the Station as the first foothold of Dylan's dream of a restored Systems Commonwealth. ("To Loose the Fateful Lightning")

Hayek is played by Chris Lovick.