Gender: None
Species: Consensus of Parts
Status: Unknown
Played By: Matt Smith


HG-966HXCN5, more commonly known as HG, was one of thousands of biosentient machines directed by the Consensus of Parts to make contact with the ship Andromeda Ascendant. It did so by chance, as it was a debris field of parts that was scattered along one of several thousand projected routes that the Andromeda might take. When the Andromeda drew close to it, it infiltrated the ship's docking bays and assembled itself in one of Andromeda's airlocks. It greeted Dylan Hunt and Tyr Anasazi by asking to speak to their leader. HG was sent on a faux peace mission, because it thought that it had been sent to make first contact with the Andromeda regarding an alliance, but the Consensus of Parts actually wanted to ask Andromeda to join them and eject her organic crew. HG objected, but the Consensus of Parts ordered him to disassemble himself. He did, but not before handing various parts of himself to the Andromeda crew. When he disassembled, his parts interconnected with Andromeda's systems, and could not be extracted without killing Andromeda; he had intended to remain hidden until VX had departed, but his parts became too widespread too quickly. The crew of the Andromeda negotiated with him and eventually reached a compromise, Dylan encouraging him to think of himself as more than a component after he had determined to remain alive. HG then drew all the "Outcast parts" together, and created a new entity known as Outcast Consensus One, which united around Andromeda to enhance its power and draw out even some of VX's own outcast parts to assist them. With VX destroyed, HG then disconnected from Andromeda's systems to find more abandoned parts and to pursue his independence.


  • Presumably, there may be a reference in the naming to Herbert George (H.G.) Wells, sometimes termed the father of science fiction, a title to which Jules Verne and Hugo Gernsback also have a claim.
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