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The goal of this Wikia is to be an informative and complete source of information for the TV series Andromeda. In order to ensure that this information remains as accurate and relative as possible, here is the guideline for canon information sources and related and needed but not necessary non-canon information.

Sources for the Andromeda universe are:

  • Every episode of the series.
  • The special features of the DVDs, which includes cast interviews and in-universe information, as they have been certified canon by directors and actors.
  • The offical novels and guides.
  • And the website:

However, there will be topics and pages that will require outside sources. An example of this is Nanotechnology, which is referenced extensively throughout the series and is used in almost every episode. However, there are virtually no in-series references to what Nanotechnology actually is, and what there is goes into no detail. In the series, Nanotechnology is explained as “very tiny machines that can work on the molecular level," with not much more explanation or elaboration. In order to expand on this, you can turn to an [accurate] outside source in order to write the article and go into more detail upon the topic and expanding or creating the article.

Wikipedia can be used as a source for technical matters and comprehensive definitions.