The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Gender: Male
Species: Human
Ship Posting: Crimson Sunrise
Rank: Captain
Status: Dead
Played By: Adam Harrington
Chronological and General Info
Era: Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: New Systems Commonwealth


Grissum was the captain of the Crimson Sunrise for several minutes before it was destroyed. He was on the bridge of the Crimson Sunrise when a rogue comet struck the Antiproton Storage Tanks that fueled the ship's engines. It was a million to one shot that the tanks would have been hit in such a way, as they are extremely well armored. He was one of the few crew members killed, as he was not able to make it to the escape pods before the ship was destroyed. The Eureka Maru, and later the Andromeda Ascendant, arrived and rescued the crew in the escape pods. ("The Risk-All Point")


"That's not possible, Captain Hunt. Every member of my crew has undergone brain scans and DNA analysis for deception traits. They're pure Commonwealth, every one of them."

"Captain, the concept of genetically distinct Prides is considered pre-Commonwealth."

"All hands. All hands, this is the Captain. Abandon ship. Go. "



Captain Grissum on the bridge of the Crimson Sunrise.