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A Gravity Field Generator, also known as the GFG or GFG Lens, is a critical component of every Slipstream able spaceship. A GFG helps to reduce the effective mass of a vessel (i.e. Andromeda Ascendant, Eureka Maru, Garuda class, Drones) to just under one kilogram. It also focuses gravity so that a hole can be ripped into the fabric of spacetime so that the Slipstream can be accessed. A GFG is an important part of the ship's mobility system.

The lens is critical part of the GFG, Without a lens a GFG cannot operate. The lens is an extremely expensive item that is hard to find. The lens is grounded by nanobots to help magnify ithe GFG's effects.

A ship's GFG must be shut off just as missiles or other large objects moving at high velocities are impacting upon a vessel's hull, because the effects otherwise would be disastrous. The ship would be smashed off course at speeds so extreme that the occupants would most likely be killed instantly, and the ship would be caromed into a nearby stellar object, or instantly vaporized. Smaller, scaled down GFGs also reduce the effective mass of weapons such as missiles until just before impact, allowing them to reach greater speeds and cause more kinetic damage when they impact. The high speeds also help the missiles move fast enough to evade any kind of countermeasures that the enemy might have.

The GFG is one of the key components of any Slipstream-capable ship, and is often specifically targeted by opponents looking to capture rather than kill a crew.