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A Golem is a genetic template of a living person.

If DNA from a real person is available, then that person's genetic memory is accessible, along with the same experiences and memories.

Golems are created by forming a body of "blank" DNA, and then having the original person's DNA inserted. Harper created one in order to fool Technocore into believing that Beka's friend Able LaDrone was dead.


  • The term comes from the Jewish myth of a "man-like machine", built to serve and constructed by the Rabbi Judah Loew ben Bezalel. The golem lacks an animating spirit or "breath of life", and has an activation word inscribed upon its forehead.
  • These constructs on the show therefore bear a certain similarity to the "Life Model Decoys" of the Marvel Universe and the Human replica droid in the Star Wars universe.
  • The word Golem is the last name of the cyborg assassin in "Assassin". One of the design team tells the CIA bounty hunter that the Golem turned on its creators.