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Gaheris Rhade sitting in front of Captain Hunt's Go board


Go is 2 player strategic board game that originated on Earth in ancient China, but still remains popular in the Commonwealth. The Earth version of Go was played on a board with a black grid drawn on it and the playing pieces were black and white. However, in the Systems Commonwealth it is played on 3 levels made frosty glass stacked on top of each other. It is still played with black and white pieces, which, while a game is in progress, can move from level to level.

Dylan Hunt, Captain of the Andromeda Ascendant, has a Go board in his quarters that he used frequently during the time of the old Systems Commonwealth, as he and his first officer Gaheris Rhade used to play often. However, after the Nietzschean Rebellion and the fall of the Commonwealth, he had no one to play with or was too busy to play at all. However, from time to time, he played with other people, like Erik.

He got Seamus Harper to use Andromeda's character and personality profiles of Rhade and then used them to make a hologram that could speak and play with Dylan. Dylan also tends to think in front of the Go board because he was taught many important facets and facts about Nietzscheans while he was playing with his Nietzschean first officer.

In "Exit Strategies" Dylan Hunt uses a Go move to symbolize his shaky relationship with Tyr Anasazi.

In "Point of the Spear" Dylan uses the term to refer to the Celestial Avatars and the Lambent Kith Nebula.


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