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Gender: Female
Species: Unknown
Profession: Bounty hunter
Status: Dead
Played By: Meredith McGeachie


Geryon was a bounty hunter of an unknown species. She was working out of Seefra-2 and using Ione as a means of making money by making him pose as a sun god.

All of that was threatened when Trance Gemini and Dylan Hunt showed up and helped Ione remember who he was and exposed Geryon as a fraud.

Later when Dylan, Trance, and Ione were trying to rescue Telemachus and Beka, she tried to take both Trance and Ione and leave the Seefra system but Trance disintegrated her by repelling her gravity like power. ("Moonlight Becomes You")


  • Geryon takes her name from the giant in the Tenth Labor of Heracles/Hercules. According to myth, the original was either a 3 headed or 3 torsoed and headed monster who owned a superlative herd of cattle, coveted by Eurystheus.