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General Utility Android

Basic General Utility Android Unit


General Utility Androids, also known as GUA or just Bots, are semi-sentient humanoid robotic units which are used as the main repair, assistance and security units within the majority of the High Guard fleet. They are roughly 1.7 meters tall, and are covered in metallic armor which helps make them extremely sturdy units, and protects them from environmental and combat damage.


GUA Units perform a wide variety of maintenance tasks, as they are ideally suited to carrying out dangerous or time consuming and menial tasks such as engine repair, repair to the outer hull of ships such as the Andromeda Ascendant, and combat duties when they are often severely damaged or destroyed. They can easily be created or rebuilt, because the elements used in their construction (just like many other Androids), are easily obtained through either a Ramscoop or mining an asteroid with Nanites. Their jobs also including advising and helping crew members in the performance of their duties through providing information. They also act as guards and soldiers when help is needed in combat situations or there is not a large complement of soldiers on board. They are usually seen standing two per door holding Force lances guarding the Captain's office, Command Center, engine room, and research labs. They were on guard outside the room where Harper was building Nova bombs.