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Gauss gun
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A Gauss Gun, or a Coilgun, is a weapon that fires projectiles at supersonic speeds through the use of electromagnetic coils. It utilizes a type of projectile accelerator that employs one or more electromagnetic coils to accelerate a magnetic projectile to high velocity. Coilguns accelerate the projectile using contactless means. Coilguns consist of one or more coils arranged along the barrel, which are switched in sequence so as to ensure that the projectile is accelerated quickly along the barrel via magnetic forces. Since coilguns have no sliding contact or chemical accelerants, no wear or erosion occurs to the barrel, and the working life of a coilgun is potentially infinite.

It should be noted that a gauss gun is not a "railgun", which passes a large constant current through the projectile or sabot via sliding contacts down a literal guiding and channeling pair of rails.


When more firepower is deemed necessary the sentients of the known world turn to their gauss rifles. These rifles come in a range of configurations from heavy assault rifles or more compact designs similar to the snub nosed one Tyr Anasazi uses. Most assault models often feature more than one barrel.


Handguns are the most common type of gauss gun; used for short-range combat. Like their larger brethren, these guns have many designs, which range from standard issue designs, which are easily mass-produced on many worlds, to the custom-modified variants that Beka Valentine or Seamus Harper use. The smallest types, referred to as "derringers", often employed by assassins like the Leper. Pistols designed for automatic fire generally have more than one barrel, allowing users to lay down incredible amounts of fire in very short periods of time.



Remiel with a handgun


A mass-produced gauss pistol