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Ganglia Drift3

Andromeda docked at the drift. Its size can be readily seen when compared to the Andromeda.


Ganglia Drift is a drift that is a giant shipyard and marketplace. It is run by Citizen Eight, and it uses Bots and some human workers to do most of the grunt work, and it also has a fleet of cargo haulers. Besides having ship-building facilities, they can also install software updates and perform a variety of other services. Apparently, the Drift was being paid by the Systems Commonwealth to rebuild the High Guard fleet after the Battle of Enga's Redoubt. The Andromeda was one of the ships that was serviced by the Drift, which refitted her computer and ship systems. However, a Slavedriver was installed and a camera installed on the bridge during the refit that would allow the ship to be remotely disabled and monitored by Citizen Eight. The Andromeda Ascendant Artificial Intelligence caught onto his scheme very quickly, and sequestered the program with firewalls, and allowed Citizen Eight to believe that he had been successful. He later tried to activate it as his fleet of cargo haulers armed with hidden weapons approached the Andromeda. Rommie temporarily shut down her systems to lure him in, and when his intentions were made clear, Andromeda reactivated herself, and disabled the approaching vessels. ("Pieces of Eight")


  • In anatomy, ganglion (pl. ganglia) is a nerve cell cluster or a group of nerve cell bodies located in the peripheral nervous system.