Location: Unknown
Diameter: Unknown
Societal information
Species: Unknown
Population: Unknown
Events: Unknown
Technical information
Defenses: Orbital defense system


Gallaphron is a non-allied, isolationist planet that has an extremely strict dictatorial government. The Andromeda Ascendant and her crew saved a ship filled with refugees which managed to escape from the planet. Conditions on the planet are bad, as the refugees spoke of food, water and housing shortages. The conditions on the planet are probably the result of extreme spending on Gallaphron's orbital defense system. The network has one of the most powerful missile defense systems, and there are military satellites on every degree of orbit. ("Mad To Be Saved")


  • The name of the world Gallaphron may be a referral to the Gallifrey One convention in Los Angeles, which was attended in 2002 by several of the Andromeda writers (including Joe Reinkemeyer), Keith Hamilton Cobb, Gordon Michael Woolvett, and several Andromeda fans.
  • Gallaphron and Marduk are similiar to North Korea, the government has a starving population and is focused on the military. However, the Andromeda goverments have a military that is capable of fighting a prolonged war.



Schematic of the defense network that surrounds Gallaphron.

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