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Freya Rajput
Gender: Female
Species: Nietzschean
Status: Dead
Played By: Dylan Bierk
Spouse: Tyr Anasazi
Children: Tamerlane Anasazi
Chronological and General Info
Affiliation: Orca Pride


A descendant of the legendary Saladin Cree, Freya Rajput was a Nietzschean of the Orca Pride, and the first and only wife of Tyr Anasazi. Originally matched with Dimitri, brother of the Pride's then Alpha, Guderian, Freya first met Tyr after he landed on the Orca's asteroid habitat with the intention of destroying their massive plasma cannon before the arrival of a Than battle fleet bent on removing the Orca from their space. A relationship soon developed between the two, and in the end Tyr fathered a child with her. However since Tyr's mission resulted in him betraying Guderian and the rest of Orca Pride, it would not be until some time later that he would learn of the existence of the child, who Freya named Tamerlane. Tamerlane, who has been heralded as the genetic reincarnation of Nietzschean progenitor Drago Museveni, was almost never born as Freya was offered a chance to abort the pregnancy by the Matriarch Olma, but chose to keep it. This choice would not only ensure Freya a hallowed place in Nietzschean history, but also was instrumental in luring out the group that would ultimately kill her and the rest of Orca Pride, the Knights of Genetic Purity.





A holographic crystal displaying Freya Rajput's genetic information.