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Fred Vexpag was a human crewmember of the Eureka Maru. He was one of the later arrivals to Beka Valentine's crew on the Maru. She picked him up for a few days, and discovered that his prodigious skills with explosives and other weapons were extremely useful when the Maru was in a tight spot, which she admitted happened quite regularly. ("Destruction of Illusions")

He lived on the Maru for about 3 years, and throughout his time on-board he often wrote mysterious letters to a woman who none of the other crew had ever met. While transporting a pregnant Nietzschean female whose child was a contender to be the next Progenitor, they were attacked, and he and another Nietzschean had to go out and try and repair some damage. His seals on his EVA suit were not completely spaceworthy, even through he had been reminded multiple times to check them, and when he snagged and cut open his suit he could not seal it back up. ("Destruction of Illusions")

Trance Gemini signed on right afterwards, and was told that he "bought the farm" (though she took this literally). He is used by Beka to warn her crew about safety checks whenever they go on a mission, and the mentions of him are an in-joke in the series. ("Under the Night")