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Harper's FMS.


A Footprint Magnification System (FMS), also known as a "suicide switch" is an electronic countermeasure device that mimics the sensor cross-section of a high-value fleet asset such as a heavy cruiser, making the user a more attractive target for incoming offensive missiles. It was commonly used by smaller ships within a battle group to draw fire away from the command cruiser or other important vessel. While the FMS is an effective tool, it is generally not for long term use or short range combat as the enemy ships will discover the ruse after some time if they close into visual detection range.

In CY 10087, Seamus Harper, Chief Engineer of the Andromeda Ascendant constructed an FMS for use on the Eureka Maru to fool a Restorian ship into firing on it instead of the Andromeda, allowing the Andromeda to swing from behind and disable the enemy ship. ("D Minus Zero")

The FMS was used again later that year in a bid to trick the Balance of Judgment, though it was not as effective. ("Star-Crossed")

Cuchulain Nez Pierce used FMS equipped drones in "The Honey Offering".