Florin was the king of Ne'Holland, until he and almost all of his family were killed by assassins sent by members of his own government. His family had ruled Ne'Holland for over 300 years, but their methods were considered oppressive and harsh, often involving capital punishment. Ministers in his government sent assassins to kill him on his barge, and as the assailants were slaughtering the royal family, until Rommie received a distress signal and the Andromeda Ascendant responded. The Andromeda crew fought off most of the killers, but they were far too late to save any of the ship's passengers except Florin's teenage son, Erik. Before he died, King Florin gave his son the crown and declared him Ne'Holland's new ruler. As the last surviving member of the royal family, Erik was brought on board and protected by the Andromeda Ascendant and her crew. The Prince ultimately returned to Ne'Holland with the Andromeda's Planetfall Defense Bots and succeeded in taking back control of the government.


  • The Florin is the name of numerous currency coins.
  • Florin is also the main kingdom in William Goldman's "The Princess Bride".