TW(P1) Screenshot
Gender: Male
Species: Paradine
Status: Dead
Played By: Alan Scarfe


Flavin is a Paradine sent to protect Dylan Hunt.

Flavin first found Dylan in tunnels and brought him to his home. When Dylan bombarded him with questions of whether Seefra-1 is Tarn-Vedra. He soon left the planet, headed through the Route of Ages. Dylan took his house for his own.

But this would not be the last time Dylan would ever see Flavin, the Paradines sent him back, to teach him more of his abilities.

However, Flavin was soon lured and fed to the Spirit of the Abyss. He barely managed to get a message through Doyle to relay to Dylan. He revealed that all Paradines are extinct and he's the only one. Dylan had to look "for the place where opposites cancel time".


"I know. I know. It's familiar. The eccentricities of Seefra. Everything looks familiar. Hallucinations, fatigue, drunken stupor, superstition, or just run of the mill weirdness. You choose." 



Flavin finding Dylan in the canyon.


Flavin preparing to leave Seefra-1.