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Supply and Maintenance Ship
Role: Logistics Support
Cargo Capacity: Likely large amounts of fuel and munitions
Combat Systems: Point Defense Laser turrets
Chronological and General Info
Faction: Systems Commonwealth

The Fingers of Dawn class Supply and Maintenance Ship (SAM) is the primary logistics and mobility support platform for Commonwealth battlegroups. They are presumably used to refuel, resupply, and provide crew transfers for larger ships. These ships never operate outside of a battlegroup, and rarely transit between theaters without an armed escort. Possessing little in the way of self-defense systems beyond a few Point Defense Laser turrets, this class is nonetheless one of the most important strategic components of the High Guard.


  • The name comes from the epithet, found often in Homer, to describe the goddess/titan of the dawn, Eos -- ῥοδοδάκτυλος Ἠώς "rosy-fingered Dawn".