Ferrin was the dictator of the xenophobic independent human planet Mobius. He ruled the planet for decades, committing human rights violations and many other atrocities. He ruled the planet with an iron fist, and eventually became dangerous enough for the Systems Commonwealth to assassinate him because of the threat that he posed for the surrounding sector. Dylan Hunt, and Gaheris Rhade were sent to the planet to meet up with the dictator's architect, who had become disenfranchised with the ruler. The architect was used to break into the dictator's residence, where a brief but violent firefight broke out between the High Guard officers and the dictator himself, which ended in Dylan being wounded and Rhade shooting the dictator in the chest. His death, although supposedly a benefit for the planet and sector, actually destabilized the region because Ferrin was as good at managing his government as he was at abusing it. His death led to there being confusion and disorder, and many people died in the resulting famines and small brush wars that flared up. His architect took his place, and used cloning techniques to keep himself alive for over 300 years so that the planet would be stable.

He was played by Alex Green

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