The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

The Featured Articles on this Wiki are used to showcase this wiki's best articles. Since the purpose of this wiki is to inform the reader about any aspect of the Andromeda (TV series) universe and allow anyone to create or edit any article in the series, the featured articles need to be good examples of writing, detailed, full summaries of events, explain their subject well and do so with detailed pictures. Here are some guidelines.

  • The article should be about a topic that is covered well in the series, such as the Systems Commonwealth, instead of a minor character, as there will be more background information on which to write about and help readers understand the topic
  • The summary should be detailed, with technical, social, and political aspects if needed or shown in the series, and should cover every scrap of information shown in the series
  • Pictures are not a large deciding factor, but if there are good pictures that help readers understand the topic better and are good quality, then it will help an article become more rounded.

If you have an idea for a Featured article, then just post it to this talk page: [1]