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The Andromeda Ascendant's Slipstream Core and Exotic Matter Pulsar.


An Exotic Matter Pulsar is a kind of starlike, stellar phenomenon that produces uncommon forms of matter and energy. The pulsar is to energy output as dark matter is to combustion fuels; it is for this reason that they serve as essential components of a slipstream drive. Essentially the pulsar is the fuel for slipstream, because it can be used to force open areas of normal space to reveal the slipstream dimension.

While exotic matter pulsars are primarily used for superluminous travel, they can also be used as strategic weapons. In CY 9785, the High Guard starship Pax Magellanic ejected her exotic matter pulsar and destroyed the planet Herodotus with the resulting spatial rift. ("The Mathematics of Tears")

In CY 10088, a Drago-Kazov Pride drone fleet under the command of Fleet Marshall Cuatemoc ejected their exotic matter pulsars, collapsing the slipstream into normal space in an attempt to trap and destroy a Sabra-Jaguar Pride attack fleet and the Andromeda Ascendant. While the attempt was unsuccessful, it rendered the system unnavigable for centuries. ("Bunker Hill")