The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Production information
Manufacturer: Seamus Harper
Designer: Seamus Harper
Technical specifications
Function: Universal Language Translator
Power source: Unknown
Size: 25 millimeters


The Emulator Patch is a covert universal translation device that was invented by Seamus Harper. He created it because Dylan Hunt, Beka Valentine, and Tyr Anasazi had to go on a mission on a planet that had not yet been contacted by the Systems Commonwealth, due to its location as a Slipstream knot. The patch uses mimetic Nanotechnology that learns from experience to instantly translate a native language into Common. The patch is flesh-colored, and adheres to the user's neck. ("Deep Midnight's Voice")



Harper [on monitor]: Ah, to avoid that nasty embarrassment, I present to you my modified invention for simultaneous translations, the emulator.
Beka: Huh? It's an unknown society. What could the emulator possibly emulate?
Harper [on monitor]: Well, we did a little creative eavesdropping, cross-referenced it with Rommie's language data archives, and voila! Consider it a friendly little tiny robot sitting on your shoulder, whispering sweet little somethings into your ear.



Rommie holding the Emulator