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Gender: Male (in appearance)
Species: Elysian

Human (in appearance)

Height: Unknown
Planet of Origin: All
Date of Birth: Unknown
Age: Unknown
Played By: Kevin Durand


Elysians are a humanoid alien species. They are first shown in the form of a strange young man who appears and pushes Dylan Hunt to his death. Later on he reveals himself to be Elysian. He describes his kind as a radio signal, and each body is an antenna to that signal. Apparently, they are a race of one in all worlds, one for every and all universes and aware of each other. They can jump from body to body as they see fit. ("Totaled Recall")


  • The word refers to someone from Elysium, also known as paradise or heaven in a Greek mythological context.


  • "We are Elysian. We're here to help you die. In the next life, you'll understand. If you don't, then you'll die again, and then you'll probably understand in the one after that. Hold onto your sanity. It's already begun to slip."
  • "You're human. A race of many in few worlds. We are Elysian. We're a race of one in all worlds. Think of the body like an antenna. The part you humans call soul, personality, conscience, it's like a frequency picked up by the body. We Elysians can release from and move to any one body in all realities. We're infinite, and yet we're only one one in every universe, and every one aware of each other."



"We are to help you die."


Elysian explaining what he is to Dylan Hunt