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Andromeda Ascendant beginning to launch.


Several missiles being launched.


Slipfighter launch tubes.


Electromagnetic Launch System mechanisms (ELS) are high powered mass launchers which accelerate offensive and defensive loads into space. The Electromagnetic Launch System is necessary to allow for a safe distance between a missile and the originating starship when the missile activates its organic acceleration capability.

The Electromagnetic Launch System functions just like a Helical railgun/railgun/coilgun where a set of electromagnets are switched on in a line, which shoots projectiles at almost the speed of light. The effective range of most Electromagnetic Launch System launchers covers approximately 2 Light Minutes. Once the missiles are a predetermined distance from the ship, the vehicles conventional propulsion system activate. This is very useful, because a ship's Electromagnetic Launch System launchers can ensure explosives activate away from the vessel, and the amount of fuel needed for a single missile is decreased, thus decreasing its overall size. Since smaller weapons are easier to store, a starship with an advanced Electromagnetic Launch System can carry more offensive and defensive missiles.

High Guard vessels, as well as many other spacefaring species and organizations, use the Electromagnetic Launch System as their preferred launch system of choice.