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Eddie Aldrich was one of the original Andromeda crew members from before the long night and the fall of the Systems Commonwealth, Eddie was pinned under a piece of falling debris during the Battle of Hephaistos and remained trapped on the ship for the next 300 years.

First Death[]

Pinned under a collapsed bulkhead in his private lab, Eddie was effectively put into suspended animation, just like Captain Dylan Hunt, when Andromeda entered the orbit of the rogue black hole. When Andromeda was freed, Eddie also came through alive but still trapped under the bulkhead and severely injured. Unlike Dylan, he was unaware of the incident and time-dilation effect of the Black hole and assumed that it was still 300 years in the past. Unable to free himself and with no one aware of him or his situation - due to the fact that his lab was hidden from sensors - he attempted to send a distress message to Dylan, whom he considered his only friend. Unfortunately, before he could send his final message, his injuries overcame him and he died. Upon the discovery of his body and message, Dylan felt incredibly guilty even though he barely knew Eddie, saying that no one deserved to die alone, helpless and afraid, especially a member of his crew.

The Ghost of Andromeda[]

When Andromeda was dealing with an infestation of metal-eating maggots they discovered they had another, even more bizarre problem to deal with. It started innocently enough with garbled communication signals and holograms appearing all over the ship that were blamed on the maggots, but when Harper encountered a ghostly face in the lower levels, it was clear something was wrong. While the others assumed Harper was imagining things due to reading too many horror stories, the rest of the crew soon had their own encounters which assured them that it was a real phenomenon. An unseen assailant sneaked past Tyr and bent his weights in half, which was impossible for even a Nietzschean to do, Trance had an encounter with a disembodied voice that demanded she leave the ship and that Dylan should abort his mission. She and Harper eventually saw the ghost dressed in a formal High Guard dress uniform telling them that Dylan should abandon his mission, and then started to scream 'mutiny' before vanishing in a spark of light, while the suddenly tangible ghost then proceeded to kick Beka off a collapsing walkway who was fortunately rescued by Tyr.

Deciding they were dealing with some kind of malfunction or computer virus, the crew eventually tracked the source of the supposed ghost to a hidden workshop where Dylan and Beka made a grizzly discovery. Tangled in the machinery and pinned under a bulkhead was a rotting corpse in a High Guard uniform, clutching a communications transmitter. Playing the message, they witnessed the dead man's last desperate message begging Dylan not to leave him down there. Learning that the ghost was part of the original crew and a man named Eddie Aldrich, Dylan left the lab shocked and finally understanding the reason for the supposed ghost's hostile behavior. Beka and Rommie tried to comfort Dylan by telling him that he could not have known that Eddie was down there. But Dylan still felt he had let the crewman down by not finding him in time and condemning him to die in such a horrific way.

Dylan eventually encountered the ghost on the bridge, who declared that Dylan would pay for leaving him to die and also 'betraying' the Commonwealth. Shocked and realizing that the supposed Ghost had no idea what happened, he tried to explain about how the Commonwealth was gone and that he, Rommie and Eddie were among the few survivors of the fallen civilization. Eddie refused to listen, grabbing Dylan by the throat intent on break his neck, while Dylan attempted to free himself with his force lance. During the struggle he managed to shoot Eddie in the chest, revealing he was not a ghost at all. He was an android, and it was then that they started to put the pieces of the mystery together.

The machinery that the original Eddie had fallen in to was part of an Android assembly machine that was trigged sometime after Eddie's original death, and had scanned the dead man's brain. The android had the ability to vanish and reappear because Eddie had been a master of quick movement and concealment, thereby being able to move around undetected. The Artificial Intelligence was also partially unstable as it had copied Eddie's slight Narcissistic Personality Disorder into its programming, as well as the fact that it had drawn its data from a dead human instead of being programmed without the idiosyncrasies of a natural Artificial Intelligence. It also appeared to have been built physically unstable as its complexion and skin damage made it look corpse-like, which also contributed to its ghost-like look.

After learning the truth about Eddie, he set the self-destruct, but after killing a maggot that was infesting the ship through electrocution, Dylan managed to break through to him and Eddie saved the ship by electrocuting it, killing all of the maggots. The rest of the crew were on the Eureka Maru and thus safe and Eddie protected Dylan from being killed in the discharge. This action destroyed the Eddie android however. ("For Whom The Bell Tolls")


The original Eddie was a gifted scientist but also suffered from slight Narcissistic Personality Disorder, but the Commonwealth decided that his skills and theories on Slipstream outweighed his personality problem. As a result of this Eddie was seen as a self-centered loner in the eyes of the crew, several of whom he filed numerous harassment charges against. He did however consider Dylan his only friend, even though they hardly knew each other.



Eddie Aldrich


A hologram of Eddie in his Systems Commonwealth uniform.