The New Systems Commonwealth Wiki

Location: Milky Way Galaxy
Orion Arm
Diameter: 12,750 km
Moon(s): 1 Moon
Climate: Varied
Water coverage: 70%
Societal information
Species: 90% Human
4% Perseid
3% Nietzschean
1% Than-Thre-Kull
1% miscellaneous
Population: Formerly 7 billion
Under control of: Humans (Past)
Technical information
Defenses: Nietzschean attack vessels


Earth was the homeworld of the human race.

Before the Long Night, Earth was renowned for its orbital shipyard, where the Glorious Heritage Class ships were manufactured.

Earth has suffered greatly during the Long Night, enduring orbital bombardment, Magog raids, and occupation by various Nietzschean prides. The majority of Earth's population live in abject poverty, with many people sustained only by the various humanitarian relief missions allowed to operate by the Nietzschean occupiers. An attempted revolt centered in east Africa and the Middle East occurred in CY 10087. It was brutally suppressed by the Nietzscheans, who killed over 50 million humans in the process.

Recent History[]

A voyage into space by Earth was sending a ship known as the Bellerophon under the command of Captain Fehdman Metis to explore space and eventually return home. However, this ship could travel only within normal space, albeit at near light speed. As a consequence of this, time for its crew passed extremely slowly compared to the outside world.

Since humanity's joining of the Systems Commonwealth, Earth has been mostly abandoned. But during the Fall, Earth was first bombarded by the Nietzscheans and later swarmed by the Magog.

For three hundred years, humans were thrown into poverty and slavery by the Drago-Kazov Pride. By 300 AFC, Brendan Lahey stirred up a rebellion in hopes of freeing humanity's ancestral homeworld. But the insurrection was quickly crushed by the Dragans before the Andromeda Ascendant and the Sabra-Jaguar Pride fleet could arrive. But the rebels refused to give up and other slaves worlds began to rebel against their Nietzschean slavers.

Earth was eventually liberated when the Dragans were weakened. The Spirit of the Abyss destroyed the planet.