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ES-14 Janus Light Sensor/Combat Drone

The ES-14 Janus light sensor/attack drone or Janus is known as the "runt of the litter" in the High Guard's arsenal of Drones. The Janus was designed for similar mission specifications as its larger counterpart, the Oracle, but it is half the size and can carry only two modular sensor packages. The advantage of Janus is its relative speed and maneuverability, as well as the Low Observability technology it employs to disguise its position during combat operations. With its greater acceleration and speed, the relative mass that Janus can bring to bear in an attack can be far greater than the destructive power of Oracle. Janus drones are also more portable and easier to maintain than Oracles, though they lack a command and control capability for hunter-killer packs. But while lightly armed and armored the Janus is very effective in two major roles of starship operations. Its sensory role of being discreet and nimble, makes it ideal for in-system scouting and reconnaissance operations. The Drone's combat role as a rapid interceptor, makes it a perfect defensive tool to hinder incoming Offensive kinetic kill missiles along with a ships's Defensive kinetic kill missiles and Point Defense Lasers.


  • The name "Janus" comes from the Roman God Janus, who was considered the God of travel by providing guidance and protection to journeying travelers.