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Dylan Hunt
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Heavy Worlder
Planet of Origin: Tarn-Vedra
Nation-State: Eureka Maru
Andromeda Ascendant
Universe/Reality: Milky Way Galaxy
Profession: Captain
Ship Posting: Andromeda Ascendant
Ship Position: Captain
Rank: Captain
Status: Alive
Played By: Kevin Sorbo
Mother: Dylan Hunt's mother
Father: Dylan Hunt's father
Spouse: Many
Chronological and General Info
Era: Systems Commonwealth
Long Night
New Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: Systems Commonwealth
New Systems Commonwealth
Ally: Beka Valentine
Seamus Harper
Trance Gemini
Telemachus Rhade
Rev Bem
Enemy: Collectors
Nietzschean Prides
Knights of Genetic Purity
Spirit of the Abyss
Lambent Kith Nebula
Tyr Anasazi


Dylan Hunt is the commanding officer of the Andromeda Ascendant, and restorer of the Systems Commonwealth. During his career, the Systems Commonwealth was betrayed by Nietzscheans, a genetically engineered sub-species of humanity, and member race of the Commonwealth who sought to destroy it. During the Battle of Hephaistos, Hunt and his ship became frozen in time, trapped near the event horizon of a black hole leaving them in virtual stasis for over 300 years however for Dylan it merely felt like the "blink of an eye". After being broken free of the black hole, Hunt found the known universe in shambles after the dissolution of the Commonwealth and began a courageous quest to restore it.


Dylan Hunt was a citizen of the Systems Commonwealth, the greatest civilization in the known universe, born to a Heavy Gravity Worlder mother and a human father (later revealed to be a disguised Paradine) in the city of Visharna-Tarn on the Commonwealth capital world Tarn-Vedra. His mother was employed as a local shuttle pilot and his father a garderner at the planet's Imperial Gardens. Growing up Hunt encountered many species, most notably the Vedrans, the founders of the Commonwealth who other races viewed with near deific status. As an adult he joined the planet's local Homeguard Defense Force, and later became an officer in the Systems Commonwealth's elite armed service branch known as the High Guard. There he quickly worked up the ranks, spending two years as an enlisted man before becoming an officer after graduating from the High Guard training academy. Around this time, Dylan met Constanza Stark, the High Guard's Fleet Admiral and Chief Executive and sparked a longstanding friendship with Stark acting as a valued mentor.

After becoming part of the High Guard officer corps, Hunt was chosen by Stark to work in the High Guard's special forces unit known as Argosy Special Operations as a Lieutenant Commander, and on a later tour of duty he commanded the Crimson Eclipse, an Asceticism of Action class Low Observable Special Warfare craft. He also completed post-graduate stints at the Antares Command Lyceum and the Imperial Strategy College on Tarn-Vedra.


As the son of a high-gravity world Heavy Worlder, Hunt has inherited his mother's genetically engineered genes. This means he is physically stronger than the average baseline human. In addition, he also weighs significantly more than most humans, with increased bone density and muscle mass. Combined with his High Guard combat training these traits allow Dylan to fight on par with expert Nietzschean warriors.

Dylan Hunt's father was revealed in fact to not be human as he had always thought, but in actuality a Paradine in disguise. The Paradine, described as both highly evolved Vedrans and the first sentient life in the universe, are universally recognized as powerful beings. Hunt becomes able to access some of these abilities after he is informed of this but the true extent of these powers are unknown.

Notable Missions[]

Dylan was involved in attempting to stop a civil war on Baltria. He took the Symbiont to the Gol-Rashen power source, a human girl named Siara, under his wing. After designing a forcefield to protect the Gol-Rashen, he left Siara in the care of others and promised to return. However, unknown to him, the King of Baltria turned on his compatriots, planning on finding a way to unite Siara with the Gol-Roshen and exploits its power.

During a Magog attack on a research station, Dylan and his friend Ismael Khalid were tasked with rescuing scientist Sara Riley, Stark's niece. ("The Banks of the Lethe")

When the two finally found her it became clear that she wasn't trapped, merely that she refused to leave as she was in the middle of an experiment. Upon hearing this, Hunt promptly destroyed her experiment which forced her to leave. This made quite an impression on Riley, who discussed it with her aunt who suggested to her that she would likely kill or marry Hunt should she meet him again. In the end Stark was proven correct on the latter of the two possibilites and Dylan and Sarah got engaged.


A picture of Dylan and Sara together

In his last mission for Argosy Special Operations, Stark sent him to Mobius to remove its brutal dictator, Ferrin, and install a democratic government.

Before departing she introduced him to Gaheris Rhade a fellow operative who would be his partner on the mission.

Assisted by their guide Dmitri, they tried making their way to Ferrin. Although no casualties were expected or desired on the operation, deaths did in fact occurred. Unfortunately, a few men were killed fighting them and Ferrin was gunned down when he tried to kill Hunt. Though it was a mission Dylan would regret for the rest of his life, Stark promoted him to the rank of captain and gave him command of the Andromeda Ascendant.

During his three-year command of the Andromeda, Dylan had many adventures becoming closer to his ship, his crew and his executive officer soon to be best friend, Gaheris Rhade. So much so Rhade was chosen to be his best man at his wedding, mainly because of the traditional Earth bachelor parties.

Unfortunately, he never got the chance as the Nietzscheans chose to begin their uprising against the Commonwealth at Hephaistos where the Andromeda had ventured to unaware of the impending dangers. Originally told a rogue black hole had forced a stellar level evacuation emergency, the Andromeda found herself surrounded by a fleet of hundreds of insurrectionist battle ships. Unable to withstand the fire power of so many enemy vessels and without the power to break free of the black holes gravity, the situation seemed hopeless. Outnumbered, he ordered his crew to abandon ship while he and the pilot, Refractions of Dawn, attempted to use the nearby black hole to slingshot to the nearest slip point. His attempt was foiled by none other than Rhade, who on his way to the brig along with the other Nietzscheans in the crew after it became clear that it was the Nietzschean race behind the insurrection, stormed the bridge. After killing the guards assigned to escort him Rhade took to the command center where he killed Refractions of Dawn before turning on Hunt. Dylan managed to kill Rhade (actually an alternate version of Rhade, see other entries) with one well placed F-lance shot but he and the ship were then trapped in the black hole's event horizon, freezing him in time for nearly three hundred years. The black hole's Avatar, Marida, draws out his essence from his frozen body, begging him to stay with her. As a few minutes passed for him, three hundred years went by. By then, a salvage ship called the Eureka Maru, towed Andromeda off the event horizon. Dylan soon learned from one of the crewmembers that the Commonwealth had fallen and that the Nietzscheans had never raised an empire. He enlists the Maru's crew to help him restore the Commonwealth.


Dylan is half genetically enhanced thanks to his mother's heavy worlder genes. As a Heavy-Worlder, he can stand and move in high gravities and has strength that matches that of a Nietzschean.


  • "It's never easy." (season 1, episode 6 of Motive: "Can't always be easy.")
  • "Let's bring it."

Service Awards and Decorations[]


Alternate timelines[]

The Unconquerable Man[]

In an alternate timeline, at the time when Rhade betrayed Dylan, the former kills the latter instead and Rhade takes Dylan's place trying to restore the Commonwealth. Unfortunately, there were betrayals and moral issues that conflicted Rhade. When he was about to destroy a tesseract generator, a future Trance convinced him to let Dylan go in his stead. She takes him back to the Battle of Hephaistos where he killed his past self, took his uniform and began the same battle with Dylan. He allowed Dylan to kill him, and in some strange way, restored the Commonwealth.

Alternate Commonwealth[]

When Dylan has put together the new Commonwealth, mysterious aliens began kidnapping senators one-by-one. Their massive fleet soon arrived and began destroying everything. This compels a future Trance to travel back in time during a tesseract incident, switch places with her younger self so as to stop history from repeating itself. Dylan, along with a Sabra-Jaguar Pride fleet defeats the aliens, averting the alternate timeline.


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