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Hideki Osaka
Gender: Android Male
Species: Human, Android
Profession: Pax Magellanic engineer
Status: Dead
Played By: Nathaniel Deveaux


Dutch was an engineer onboard the Pax Magellanic during the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War. He was one of the many crewmembers planetside during the Battle of Herodotus, in which he died along with the rest of his crewmates when the Pax Magellanic ejected her Exotic Matter Pulsar at the planet, thereby destroying it.

He was one of the Pax Magellanic's favorites, and because of this, she went into the DNA files and fabricated him. ("The Mathematics of Tears")


Dutch: It's all in the wrist, kid. Let me show you the magic.
Harper: Yeah, Dutch, this is all a lot of fun and everything. But if we don't at least try to fix the slipstream drive, Dylan'll kill me.
Dutch: You are a stubborn lad, aren't you?
Harper: Yeah. It's one of my more, say, charming qualities. Mind if I ask you a question?
Dutch: Shoot.
Harper: Why did you weld the door shut to the slipstream drive in the first place?
  Harper starts cutting.)
Dutch: Well, I could tell you I did it to protect people from radiation, but the truth of it is, I got sick of looking at it, just sitting there, inert, mocking me.
Harper: It must have killed you, not being able to fix it. I mean, I can't relate to that, but it must have killed you.
Dutch: Especially for the first hundred years. But then I thought, what's the difference. We're still alive, aren't we?