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All Nietzschean prides originated from Pride Musevini.


The Drago-Kazov Pride, otherwise known as the "Dragons", are the most powerful Nietzschean Pride in Known Space. The Dragons were the leading pride behind the First Systems Commonwealth Civil War against the Systems Commonwealth.



The Drago-Kazov Pride was created when the Kazov Pride and Drago Pride united several years after they splintered from Museveni Pride. The pride grew in power over the centuries while they were members of the Systems Commonwealth and were, as all Nietzscheans, considered to be amongst its loyal constituents. However after the Treaty of Antares all that changed. The Dragons began to perceive the Commonwealth as weak and in need of being replaced by more powerful, effective leadership and thus they began to spearhead its demise. The pride's political connections gave the rebels the needed resources, money, and shipyards and drydocks required to build and maintain a fleet to rival the High Guard's. When the fight against the Commonwealth started, the Nietzscheans began to win, achieving several early victories over the High Guard. But after the Battle of Witchhead, the tide of the war turned. As the war began to die down with neither side giving in, the Jaguar Pride turned on the Dragons and the Nietzschean Alliance was shattered, which then led to the Long Night and a decline in the power and influence of the Dragons.

The Long Night[]

Though many prides, most of them small, went extinct throughout the Long Night due to infighting and other factors the Drago-Kazov remained relatively strong, holding their power over hundreds of worlds in the Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies by maintaining a tight knit economy, military, and leadership. A unique aspect of the Dragons military determination was their choice not to kill sterile children and allowing them to become soldiers and combat pilots, a policy which most other prides rejected outright.

In CY 10065, the Dragons declared the bones of Drago Museveni their own and betrayed their once powerful allies of the Kodiak Pride who had traditionally been responsible for safe guarding Drago's bones allowing Nietzscheans from across the Known Worlds to make pilgrimage to the shrine erected on their orbital habitat. In seizing the remains from the Kodiak asteroid home about Enga's Redoubt the Dragons orchestrated a mass cleansing wiping out virtually the entire pride leaving only a handful of survivors left in the entire universe. The bones were stolen by a Kodiak survivor years later.

The Dragons tried and failed to prevent an alliance between the Sabra and Jaguar Prides, because both were enemies of the pride, and once united they would be a strong opposition to the Drago-Kazov.

Later, when Tyr Anasazi replaced his genetic material with that of his son, Tamerlane (the genetic reincarnation of Drago Museveni), Tyr approached the commander of the Drago Kazov fleet and gained their trust. Afterwards, he put a series of events in motion planned over the entire course of his 3 year tenure on the Andromeda Ascendant to attempt to use the Andromeda to destroy the Drago-Kazov homeworld of Enga's Redoubt and most of the pride's fleet, which was surrounding the planet at the time. When Dylan Hunt failed to act, Tyr chose to abandon his attempts to destroy Enga's Redoubt and assist the Andromeda escaping the resulting battle. Shortly after Andromeda was restored to power, the world was attacked by thousands of ships - all of which were enemies of the Restored Systems Commonwealth, bombarding Enga's Redoubt and laying waste to the planet in an attempt to lure the Commonwealth to its destruction.

Little is known about the fate of the Drago-Kazov pride following this attack except that they had ships as part of the final attack on Tarazed two years after the destruction of their homeworld. Since the Drago-Kazov empire spanned hundreds of slave worlds, presumably the pride survived the destruction of its homeworld.


  • Drago is Italian for dragon.
  • The Drago-Kazov have the largest fleet in Known Space.
  • Given that the amount of influence held by the Fleet Marshall of the Dragons is so pervasive due in part to their fleet's massive size, the Marshal is not only the Supreme Commander of the fleet but the pride itself.
  • The Drago-Kazov are the only pride that allows sterile children to live allowing them to prove their genetic worth by acting as frontline soldiers and fighter pilots.
    • Some cultural anthropologists have posited that certain early human cultures used non-breeders, such as infertile females and homosexuals, as "shock troops" since their outcast status gave them nothing to lose, and their "glory" could help family members who survived.
    • This in turn ties in to the genetic model of the "selfish gene" and kin selection, i.e. even a childless uncle or aunt will fight to protect their nieces and nephews, as this perpetuates at least some of their genetic code. This is also observed in social insects: all ant workers and soldiers are sterile, but fight to preserve the hive as a whole.
    • There are several stories in Chinese history where criminals were used for suicide missions. In exchange for the individuals suicide, their family was given money and their family name was given honorable social face.
    • Other stories in Chinese history have the individual accepting dishonor for various reasons. In exchange their families were given money and spared any dishonor. Other stories have the individual returning to power or taking revenge.
    • There is also a similiarity to using criminals for suicide missions (forlorn hope) and penal military units.
    • A similar practice is seen in the “Babylon 5” episode “Knives”. Those of the Couro Prido who are facing dishonor are allowed the option of the Morago using the Coutari sword. The winner must adopt the loser’s family and house. This spares the loser’s family from dishonor and social ruin.



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