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Gender: Female
Species: Android
Planet of Origin: Seefra System
Ship Posting: Ship's Avatar, Andromeda Ascendant
Ship Position: Ship's Avatar
Status: Alive
Played By: Brandy Ledford
Father: Seamus Harper (creator)
Sister: Rommie (technically)
Chronological and General Info
Era: Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: Andromeda Ascendant


Doyle is a female Android in the Andromeda fictional universe. She first appeared in season five and is played by actress Brandy Ledford.

When Seamus Harper was stranded in the Seefra System with the malfunctioning remains of Rommie, he built Doyle to house the remaining core fragments of Rommie's Artificial Intelligence, and to act as his bodyguard and friend.

Doyle's most distinguishing feature was her desire to be human, in sharp contrast to Rommie's embracing of her machine nature.

For the 3 years Harper was on Seefra, he led Doyle to believe she was human; she was even programmed to perceive seeing blood instead of coolant leaking out of her hand when she was injured. Doyle eventually realized her artificial nature and her complicated relation to Rommie at the same time when the psychotic Artificial Intelligence revolutionary Argent told her the truth in a bid to win her assistance.

Eventually, Doyle came to accept her role as the Andromeda Ascendant avatar and forgave Harper for his deception. When Rommie was rebuilt and reasserted her role as the ship's avatar, the two androids initially had a very fractious relationship, each trying to outperform the other. By the time the season ended, they managed to reach a happy medium, and Doyle stuck around for the final battle against the Spirit of the Abyss for Harper's sake.

Seamus took a number of liberties with Doyle's design, including placing an access panel to her systems, mainly her subdermal power converter in an undisclosed sensitive area below her lower back. He also programmed her to experience a physical "thrill" whenever these controls were operated, as happened when Dylan increased the thermal output of her body in order to ignite volatile minerals during an escape attempt.


  • Lexa Doig's pregnancy made her unavailable for most of Season Five, so Doyle was created to put Rommie's capabilties and functions into another form.


Doyle, Beka, Rommie

Doyle, Beka Valentine, Rommie.

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