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Dorothy Rubenfield
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Planet of Origin: Xinti
Nation-State: Xinti
Profession: Minister of the Interior
Ship Position: Xinti
Rank: None
Age: Unknown
Played By: Lorin Heath
Sister: Jane Rubenfield
Chronological and General Info
Era: New Systems Commonwealth
Affiliation: Systems Commonwealth


Dorothy Rubenfield is one of the Interior Ministers for the Systems Commonwealth. She shares her position with her twin sister, Jane Rubenfield. The two of them discuss with Dylan Hunt what should be done about the newly built Voltarium reactor on the planet Marduk, and they suggest that if Dylan were to undertake a surgical strike on the refinery, that the Systems Commonwealth would give the mission their tacit approval, but that publicly they would have to condemn the attack, because of the political ramifications that could arise from a Commonwealth warship performing a military strike on an independent nation-state. They also showed Hunt how a previous mission had been destroyed by the orbital defense system. The Rubenfield sisters are noted not only for their good looks but for being successful politicians in their home system of Delgeron V. ("Slipfighter The Dogs of War")