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Desideratum Drift
Location: Deep Space
Societal information
Species: Perseid
Population: 1
Events: Destroyed by Tyr Anasazi


Desideratum Drift appears in "Day of Judgement, Day of Wrath". It seems to be a black market science lab run by a Perseid Doctor. Tyr Anasazi goes there to have his DNA changed to that of his son, Tamerlane Anasazi, so that he can unite the Nietzschean Prides and become the supreme ruler and fight the Spirit of the Abyss and Magog World Ship.


  • Desideratum translates to “something that is desired”‎.
  • The drift is similiar to Dr. Bliss and Utopia.


Olma: "I messengered the child's DNA to Desideratum Drift, so that the genetic scientists could compare it to the best known extant records. The results suggested a very high probability of a match."

Gaiton: "There is a rumour that geneticists on Desideratum Drift claim to have verified the existence of the genetic reincarnation of Drago himself. It meant so little to me, until today, when I dared to dream."

Perseid Doctor: Ah, welcome. You must be Mister Jericho, the Nietzschean. Oh, I can fix that for you, you know. (boneblades) Give you new ones for a modest fee.
Tyr: That's not why I'm here.
Perseid Doctor: Yes. Well, for the procedure you requested, the fee is not so modest.
(Tyr has brought bullion, a single matt-silver bar.)
Perseid Doctor: Excellent. Did you bring the samples I requested?
Tyr: Blood. Hair. Epithelial cells. Enough for you to work with?
Perseid Doctor: Oh, yes. Yes, I can work with this.

Perseid Doctor: The procedure was a complete success. Not only did I exchange your blood for new plasma cloned from the sample you provided, I altered the DNA in your marrow and epidermis to match. Of course, I had to shorten the telemeres to, er, make the ages synch, not to mention compensate for the drift in the mitochondrial DNA, but your genetic identity is now an exact copy of the sample you provided. Only you will know the truth.
Tyr: Aside from yourself?
Perseid Doctor: Oh, I assure you, my business is founded on absolute confidentiality.
Tyr: So is mine.
(Tyr paralyses the Doctor with a hypo then puts a spiky ball device in his hand.)
Tyr: And I thank you, Doctor. You do lovely work. But business is business.
(The Maru flies away and the Perseid's ship explodes)



Unnamed Perseid Doctor on Desideratum Drift