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The Deep Stand-off Attack Ship (DSA) (DSX) was used by the Systems Commonwealth for long range missile engagements.


  • Righteous Fist of Heaven Class: the first generation of the Deep Stand-off Attack Ship, which were built and used by the Commonwealth pre-Fall, and rarely seen post-Fall.
  • Siege Perilous Class: the second and newest generation Deep Stand-off Attack Ship, built by the New Systems Commonwealth. They are among the most powerful vessels in the Commonwealth's fleet.


  • The design is similar to the arsenal ship. It is a missile platform that has limited defense weaponry.
  • The name "Siege Perilous" refers to the fact that the ship places the enemy in "peril" under a "siege" of warheads.
  • The name "Righteous Fist of Heaven" refers to the fact that the ship delivers an "overwhelming wrath" from the Systems Commonwealth.
  • Siege Perilous in King Arthurian legend referred to "The Seat Perilous", the seat at the Round Table reserved for the knight who would return the Holy Grail.


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Balance of Judgment.

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Resolution of Hector.

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Resolution of Hector.

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Wrath of Achilles.

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Wrath of Achilles.

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